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Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

Posted on: January 21, 2010 10:55 am
I will admit that I was never a big Tim Tebow fan. I'm not much on college football since they can't decide on a manner to award a Championship other than through having biased sportswriter and coaches vote, so I don't follow or care for the college game much.
Tebow has always turned me off due to the non-stop proselytizing I've heard from him, something that always amuses me when it comes to sports figures and events.
However, Tebow's recent meeting with a young person that I happen to know and his decision to invite her for a once in a lifetime evening, which was not planned or staged in any way, has made me rethink my thoughts on him.
Whatever a person's motivation, to reach out and do something great, something selfless, something truly meaningful to another person, that is something to be admired. I may question Tebow's religious convictions. I don't happen to agree with many of his beliefs. However, I cannot question his actions. If a person truly believes whatever it is they believe, and that causes them to do good things and live a postive, contributing life, then I can support their beliefs in whatever their convictions are.
Tebow will be catching support and flak for the anti-abortion commercial that is to air the night of the Super Bowl. It's obviously a very personal issue for him as he was a fetus that could have been aborted. While I do not agree with his postion, I totally support his right to his beliefs, and also support his acting as a spokeperson for the message. He is honest and not motivated by anything other than his faith and personal convictions.
So, while I will continue to challenge the sanity of anyone that believes that there is a God who cares who wins an athletic contest and is somehow involved in it, in any way shape or form, I am changing my attitude about the people whose religion inspires them to do good things. I will now be a Tim Tebow fan, because he embodies what religion and faith are supposed to be about. He is not a phony, not trying to use religion as an income or publicity generator. He's just a kid who has been brought up with faith and is living his life in a postive contributing manner. That's a very good thing and something that should be emulated. A lot of people make the same positive contributions without the religious overtones, and I've always admired that, but I can now see more clearly that with those overtones or not, if the outcome is so genuine and positive, then we should celebrate that result, not insult the motivation.
Thanks for being the postive role model that you are, Tim. We don't have to agree on religious matters, but we can agree that you are doing very good things for people and that should be noted and commended.
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Posted on: February 8, 2010 2:24 pm

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of


For your network's catch phrase (ie. must watch TV) might I suggest

Your ad dept hasn't shown itself to be exactly bursting at the seams with creativity, if the Tebow/Focus on the Family ad took them MONTHS to co-write.
This catch phrase will remind your viewers of your cozy relationship with James Dobson as you launch every new show. I bet it'll work wonders for your ratings, and advertising budget.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 1:17 pm

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

I definetly agree with you about the Championship in college football.  I played DII football and we have a playoff system to determine the true National Champion for that season.  I couldn't imagine going undefeated and still not getting a chance to win the championship. 

Tim Tebow is the real deal, he has been saved by the blood of Jesus and is a great role model for the youth of our nation.  I pray that the Lord will give him an opportunity to continue to be that positive role model.

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Posted on: January 24, 2010 4:18 am

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

Although am not a big SEC fan,I see a lot of Tony Richardson in him! Humble and a Class Act!

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Posted on: January 23, 2010 10:03 pm

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

faith is not a requirement to be selfless

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Posted on: January 23, 2010 9:08 pm

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

Did you ever think that it's his faith that enables him to be selfless?

"Not I, but Christ who lives in me."

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Posted on: January 23, 2010 3:43 pm

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

I saw this blog on my Home page and there was a list of reasons to dislike him. One was "noodle arm". Seriously? He's got a cannon for a arm.

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Posted on: January 23, 2010 1:04 pm

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

Thanks for your post Terry.  It is refreshing to hear someone be open minded toward someone else who does not share his beliefs.  It is encouraging to see some give kudos for an unselfish attitude.  I hope Tebow continues to live up to the standards he has published and not be side tracked under the lights of the professional life.

I am a Christian and share what I understand are Tebows beliefs.  One aspect I would like to comment on is an athlete giving glory to God.  I don't believe a Christian should actually be saying 'God helped me win so I will talk about God here.'  The Bible tells us that 'whatever you do give God the glory.'  I think there are Christians on the losing teams as well.  I believe a Christian should be thanking God for the opportunity to play and underscoring that he/she played as hard as he did because that was the best use of the talent God helped him develop.  There is glory in sports and the limelight.  I think Tebow is saying, 'when fans get all excited about my accounting for so many yards, i hope they stop and think it through.  I hope they realize that God gives each of us abilities to do different things.  If you can't pass for yards then stop and smile at your neighbor.  look for that person who needs a friend to talk to and be willing to listen.  I am glad Tebow wants God to get glory for what Tim does well.  I also hope I can thank God and give Him glory for the things I do.

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Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

I have been a fan of this site for a number of years. Until your post, Terry, I have never had the inclination to register in order to be able to respond. The reasons are simple; many times the blogs degenerate into poorly written posts of poorly expressed opinions that are full of bias, hatred and crudity that does not warrant any additional effort or consideration. They make for interesting reading at best, but rarely do they leave one with the sense that they are seeing the cogent thoughts of reasonably intelligent people. This is especially true whenever a thread involves Tim Tebow.
Your post , however, gives me hope and is a tremendous example of someone who has a position on faith that is diametrically opposed to Tebow's yet recognizes that that is a part of who he is, just like his athletic gift is a part of who he is, but neither one solely defines him as a person. The fall of Tiger Wood's from his pedestal does not diminish his accomplishments as a professional golfer. It is sad that people cannot look at Tim the athlete without seeing Tim the Christian and judging him harshly for it. On the other hand Terry, you have risen above the name calling, the obscene remarks and the pitiful attempts that ignorant people have made to deride Tim's accomplishments based on a set of moral principals they seem to find offensive for no justifiable reason other than they just disagree. On the contrary, your tongue-in-cheek reference to yourself as a convert is a well thought out, well written response to ignorance. 
It is, as you have said, not necessary to be a Tebow fan yet be able to appreciate the selfless human being that appears to truly 'walk his talk'. By the same token, it is entirely possible to admire his accomplishments on the field and totally disagree with how he lives his life. I for one cannot fathom how anyone could disagree with saving oneself for marriage, mission work in third world countries and belief and reliance on a higher power. But that is the beauty of our society, Tim has every right to live how he sees fit as long as he lives by the rules as do his naysayers. The need to denigrate this young man simply for the beliefs he espouses is incomprehensible and leads me to say it is a type of bigotry, bigotry of the worst kind. 
If this is a sports blog, let the remarks be relative to sports issues. Debate the validity of Tebow's being called the greatest college football player of all time. Debate his success in the confines of a system designed for his special abilities and let the comparisons to all the greats that went before him rage on until no one wants to discuss it anymore. Do not ignore the uniqueness of his talent while slamming his belief system. I say this because it does not diminish his accomplishments when you do...only your credibility. To those who will now use endless vulgarities to slam me because I called you what you ignorant bigot, I have one thing to say...HOW 'BOUT THEM SAINTS!!!   

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Posted on: January 22, 2010 11:42 am

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

Reading the Sports section over the last week or two, and a few things stand out.
-The Tigers slugger, Cabrera just spent three months in rehab after a drinking binge at the end of last season.
-A sideline reporter, who is married with kids, was arrested after they found child porn on his home computer.
-Glen "Big Baby" Davis was fined $25,000.00 for cussing at a fan, someone who pays his salary and bills.
-Mark McGwire finally admiting to using "roids"
-Tiger Woods cheating on his wife, now in sex rehab.
-The three young kids at Tenn that was arrested for armed robbery.
It was a very busy week(s) in the sport world, and I'm sure that I barely covered most of it. So when a kid like Tim Tebow comes along, how can anyone get tired of hearing all of the good things he has done? From going to the Phillipines, preaching in prisons, and even up to escorting that young women to he espy's, he is a class act and a breath of freah air for the sports world. I will look forward to following him in the NFL.

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Posted on: January 22, 2010 10:26 am

Tim Tebow gets a convert ......sort of

Yea as a fsu fan it hurts to say this , but you have to love Tim Tebow for nothing less atleast he does what he says he belives in. I hope he does well in the Nfl. It would be nice to root for him and not have to cry when I did lol.

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