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Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

Posted on: January 31, 2012 11:23 pm
NEW YORK -- Something changed for the Knicks Tuesday night. The ball moved. The players moved. The Knicks got good, open shots and made them. Sixty percent of them, to be exact.

What changed? Carmelo Anthony returned from a two-game absence to rest his ankle and wrist, and found his shooting stroke -- and his passing instincts.

What else? The Knicks were playing the Pistons.

The Knicks ended a three-game losing streak and a stretch in which they'd lost nine of 10 with an ego-boosting, problem-solving 113-86 victory over the Pistons.

"I got my pop back and I felt pretty good for the most part," Anthony said.

"We know the system works," said Amar'e Stoudemire, who had 15 points. "We just need to keep playing the way we did tonight and we will be fine."

But is it over? Are the problems gone? Hardly. New York begins a stretch of three games in three nights Thursday night at home against the Bulls, then goes to Boston and back home to face New Jersey. Even after a 25-point performance in which he made 9 of 14 shots from the field and also dished out six assists, Anthony didn't want to think about the upcoming back-to-back-to-back.

"It's the schedule," he said at his locker afterward. "We have to play it. It is what it is. ... I'm not sure, so we'll see. Right now sitting here talking to you guys, I feel fine. Tomorrow may be a different story."

With two days off since their most recent loss in Houston, the Knicks got to load up on two rare commodities in this lockout-compressed sprint of a regular season: rest and practice.

"That really helped us," Tyson Chandler said.

So did the Pistons, who allowed their opponent to shoot more than 50 percent from the field for the fourth time during their current six-game losing streak. The Knicks shot 42-for-70 including 9-for-18 from 3-point range. The Pistons (4-19) have allowed their opponents to shoot 52 percent on 3-pointers (50-97) during the losing streak.

"It's embarrassing for all of us when teams can shoot what they've been shooting over the past five or six games," coach Lawrence Frank said.

Sometimes, one team's embarrassment is another team's elixir.

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Posted on: February 1, 2012 5:14 pm

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

Something changed for the Tuesday night.  ..........  Yeah, they played the pathetic PISTONS.   Back on track???  ONE GAME AGAINST ONE OF THE WORST TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE IS BACK ON TRACK???  LOL ... Berger, you and all the delusional Knickerclogger fans have been DUPED .. admit it, this team just SUCKS!!! 

Since: Aug 10, 2009
Posted on: February 1, 2012 3:52 pm

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

I'm glad to hear that the Knicks (who are 8-13, 7 games back in their division, and have lost 8 of their last 10 games) are "back on track" because they beat the worst team in the NBA.  Keep up the good work.

Since: Aug 21, 2006
Posted on: February 1, 2012 1:54 pm

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

I am so fed up w/ this Knicks team.  Berger the NYK are an embarrassment and a disgrace to the tri-state.  Amare and Melo should hang their heads in shame.  Berger who the fk cares that they beat one of the worst basketball teams of all time?  They're chumps and we need big changes.  Stat needs to go.  We don't need another super star. We need an above avg PG(play maker) and above avg PF(defense minded)

Since: Jun 17, 2009
Posted on: February 1, 2012 12:12 pm

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

This article by Berger is almost as laughable as the one he wrote last week exonerating D'antoni for there failures. The guy writes stupid headlines to get you to read his nonsense.

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Posted on: February 1, 2012 10:52 am

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

A true clown he is for even writing this column.  Congrats 80% of their wins have come against wash det and the bobcats.. there is something to really hang your hat on.

Since: Dec 20, 2008
Posted on: February 1, 2012 10:22 am

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

It really is a disgrace that Berger is trying to sell it that the Knicks and Melo are "back on track" all because they beat the NBA's worst team. Tell me somethin Berger, you working for Dolan now or just trying to kiss his butt in the hopes that he'll throw a couple pennies your way? Pathetic lie of an article.

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Posted on: February 1, 2012 9:49 am

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

Wow Ken, all the talks of Knicks' slump lately and took just ONE game, against one of the worst team in the league, and prompted an article like this. You should probably quit your job as it's getting too easy, and replace Stan Van Gundy and coach the Magics.

Since: Feb 1, 2012
Posted on: February 1, 2012 9:40 am
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Posted on: February 1, 2012 9:02 am

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

Honestly, they should fire Berger for writing this column.  What a disgrace.

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Posted on: February 1, 2012 8:31 am

Melo, Pistons get Knicks back on track

If anyone thinks that a win over a team that is 15 games under .500 and that does not play any perimeter defense is the definition of being "back on track" they are kidding themselves.  The Knicks beat Detroit which apparently everyone in the league is doing.  The real question for New York is whether they can beat a team that actually shows up to play on both ends of the floor.

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