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Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants

Posted on: December 6, 2011 12:57 pm
Edited on: December 6, 2011 3:06 pm
Dwight Howard has not yet indicated to Orlando management whether he wants to stay with the Magic, request a trade or play out the season and become a free agent, a person directly involved in the organization's planning told Tuesday.

"Training camp opens the door to everything," said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "I think that will happen very, very soon."

The soap opera of whether Howard stays in Orlando or seeks a trade to the Lakers already has begun in full force, however, and there already has been a casualty. Team executives were apprised via email Tuesday morning that CEO Bob Vander Weide has stepped down and will be replaced by team president Alex Martins. In replacing Vander Weide, 53, whose departure is being characterized as a retirement, Martin's first order of business will be to represent the Magic on the NBA's Board of Governors, which is scheduled to vote on the new collective bargaining agreement Thursday in an electronic ballot.

UPDATE: Whether Vander Weide's departure has anything to do with the owners' labor relations committee -- of which Vander Weide was a member -- signing off on a deal that could actually expedite Howard's departure from Orlando is a matter worthy of consideration. The Magic scheduled a news conference for Wednesday to address Vander Weide's departure, but Vander Weide admitted Tuesday that he did, in fact, call Howard at 1 a.m. earlier this week after "a couple of glasses of wine" -- a conversation in which the executive reportedly urged the star to stay in Orlando.

The person familiar with the Magic's strategy said Tuesday that, while Howard has yet to verbalize what he wants, the All-Star center has "deep roots here" and has previously expressed that "this is where he'd like to fulfill his career."

"He wants to win," the person said. "That's on his mind intensely."

While Howard has never publicly expressed a desire to leave Orlando, it has been known among people in his inner circle for months that his preference is to play for the Lakers. The only way he's getting to that L.A. team would be via a trade, and the Lakers -- with Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom -- are one of the few teams in the league with enough assets to pull it off.

The new rules set to be approved by the players and owners this week have cut off some of the avenues for superstars looking to leave small markets for big markets -- but some of those rules actually increase the pressure on the home team to make a decision to trade such a player sooner than in the past. The extension Orlando can offer Howard -- same as New Orleans can offer Chris Paul -- falls short of what each could each get as an unrestricted free agent come July 1. And since they can no longer get maximum contract length and raises via a sign-and-trade, their teams don't have that avenue as a fallback option.

"I don't think he knows what he's going to do at this point," the person familiar with the Magic's strategy said. "I'm not sure anybody does. It's impossible to predict."

The overwhelming opinion in central Florida -- which in 1996 saw Shaquille O'Neal flee Orlando to sign with the Lakers as a free agent -- is for Howard to let his intentions be known sooner than later.

"Don't drag us out," the person said. "Tell us what you want, so we can react with facts, not theories and guesses."
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pay up

The magic better break the bank and pay howard whatever he wants--even it takes $30 million.  If not, he's gone to LA and showtime II!

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Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants

Who freakin cares,  Basketball is prolly the most boring sport played.  There is no drama, err..  I take that back.  Watching Miami lose on sportscenter was pretty cool.  I'm sorry if I offend anybody.  Watching basketball is like watching whales swim.  Humm  let's see.  Whale- swim breath swim.  Basketball - dribble, dunk, dribble.    Yea those guys are great altheletes and I can't take that away from them.  BUT real basketball is college.  There the players love the game...

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Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants


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Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants

Warningtrakpowr,  I agree that the players should stay, however, this season is not scrap rather it is more of a greater test of the player's resolve. You have to consider that the games are going to be more back to back with less time to rest. This will put a lot of stress on their bodies and will actually cause the true warriors (those with heart) to rise. I think that because of all of the wear and tear on the starter's bodies we'll get to see many players who are normally baried on the end of the bench who are just begging for a chance to shine. Think about players like Barea and so many others that we love to see play that were actually throw in subs because there were few other options. This is going to be an exciting and fun year!

P.S. I pray that my Magic does not lose Howard though it certainly appears to be headed in that direction.

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Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants

<blockquote class="QuoteMessage">according to your theory, how many wins did the nets have WITH those trade pieces? around 30. sorry your point is mute</blockquote>

Moot or Mute?

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Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants

I hate making blanket statements like "All men...." or " All women....." But every damn body that says "Im not gonna watch NBA basketball anymore!" are lying to themselves.  oh, you may feel this way now.... but in a few weeks the arenas will be filled and the ratings will be high. and this coming from a wizards fan....
An few people who vow to never watch the NBA again is frustrated and angry at the whole NBA dispute, they might come back in time once they get over their angry. But some people who made the vow was never fans in the first place, I know 3 people that post here that hate basketball. They keep on posting that won't watch the NBA again, they only post for they think it's a funny prank.

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Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants

Spoken like a true Laker fan. LOL....Don't worry man you guys will get Howard and only Lakers, Miami, Boston, and Dallas fans will watch the NBA this year. Cheers!

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Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants

First off, the Orlando Magic already know what Howard wants - he wants out!!!!
Who is actually kidding who here? The CEO calls him to tell him to stay - what does that infer?
This is a terribly organized blog or article.  The Lakers will go thru hell and high water to get him because
they don't want to play second fiddle to the Clippers.  Kobe will be in a rocking chair in 2014.
If I'm the Orlando GM - A crippled Bynum, declining Lamar Odom and picks ain't enough to get it done!
Sorry wishful Laker fanatics!!!!!

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 6:48 pm

Source: Howard hasn't told Magic what he wants


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