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Silence on labor talks; preseason to be delayed

Posted on: September 22, 2011 5:18 pm
Edited on: September 22, 2011 6:56 pm
NEW YORK -- Amid outsized expectations for progress, top negotiators for the NBA and players' union met for five hours Thursday with both sides refusing to charaterize the talks.

"We're not going to draw any conclusions or say anything other than we had a full day and we hope to meet again next week," commissioner David Stern said on his 69th birthday. 

Stern intimated that he and deputy commissioner Adam Silver will brief the full labor relations committee Friday, presumably by phone, on the status of talks. It is widely anticipated that, without a deal, the league will announce in the coming days -- perhaps as early as Friday -- that it is postponing the start of training camps and preseason. Camps were supposed to open on Oct. 3. Management sources told they've been advised to expect an announcement of the cancellations on Friday after Stern briefs the owners on the talks.

"I have no announcement to make today, but the calendar is not our friend. Derek Fisher, the president of the National Basketball Players Association, also used that phrase about the calendar and was equally protective of details from Thursday's talks, which included the smaller group of negotiators who'd made progress in a series of three meetings that began Aug. 31. Fisher and Stern emerged from the Upper East Side hotel with an equally flatlined demeanor and monotoned speech -- evidence, perhaps, that there was agreement on at least one aspect of the negotiations: that neither side would put on a public show or negotiate in the media.

In declining to answer a string of specific questions about the bargaining session, Stern at one point interjected, "I'm sorry, but the most important thing is to see whether we can't have negotiations conducive to ultimately getting a deal, which is what our committee and our board will like. And having these conversations with you doesn't add anything to that. And that's the dilemma."

The talks involving the heavy hitters -- Stern, Silver, Spurs owner Peter Holt and deputy general counsel Dan Rube for the league and union chief Billy Hunter, Fisher, general counsel Ron Klempner and economist Kevin Murphy for the players -- followed a full day of what Silver described as "more intensive discussions" among lawyers and staff for both sides at the NBPA's Harlem office. Stern wouldn't say if the league brought anything new to the table coming out of Wednesday's meetings and a gathering of the full Board of Governors las week in Dallas.

"I'm not going to say," Stern said when asked if any proposals were exchanged.

Fisher said no new topics were discussed Thursday and said the league provided no details of its revenue sharing plan.

"We're trying to figure out ways to come together," Fisher said. "We couldn't do it today, and hopefully we'll get another opportunity next week to continue to try and figure this thing out."

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 10:26 pm

Silence on labor talks; preseason to be delayed

I know someone in the room who saw the proposals.  The players proposed that they receive a 100% take of all revenue streams with a flexible salary cap.  The owners were to receive nothing other than face time on TNT and the privilege of team ownership.  The players said they would agree to consider throwing the owners a bone when ownership gets hungry.
The owners want 100% of all revenue streams and for the players accept a hard salary cap of $50 per diem.  They offered the players the chance for only the game winner was to collect money and the loser to go home with nothing.  This would ensure good competition.

The pizza delivery guy received no tip from either players or owners on a $1200.00 order, even though they got free breadsticks.  To avoid embarrassment, the limo drivers gave the pizza guy $100.00.  The pizza guy said he hopes the NBA goes under because both sides are selfish crybabies.

Back up to you Boomer.

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 8:59 pm
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Posted on: September 22, 2011 8:42 pm

Silence on labor talks; preseason to be delayed

this has building up for years ( owners frustration with players ... ) pretty much since the late 90's  The NBA really began to flurish 80's - 90's .  Jordan made the sport an international Gem. Bringing in big sponsors.. big endorsements.. to point where we saw players salaries and team payroll budgets increase.Going to a NBA game mid90's compared to product today is night and day.  The Arena experience today is far from family friendly ( would you take your 5 year old to a raP Concert??? ) probably not. I'm a fan of Rap/hip hop ... however i don't think the boomin pregame is conducive to family fun envoirnment. Being a multi sport season ticket holder. second ... the end of the Jordan era..mid 90's handing off to the exploit era saggy pants of AI  ( who i like ) however.. changed the theme .. AI couldn't of made a movie for kids like space jam for example really?? staight thuggin since 2000.. and alot of bad ugly press .. palace brawl... the decision ..he greater than league attitude.... shit if i owned a team i wouldn't want to garautee any of these clowns anything.  If they want garuanteed money they need to accept 33% max of revenue sharing ( the players ) or go over seas.  Owners can concentrate on developing other areas of the arena experience .. and balance the teams .... LBJ mess pushed it over the edge.. really all they middle range to lower level players who don't have huge endorsment money to fall back on should be pissed at him.. If LBJ "Desion" could have only gone 1 of 2 ways and he failed miserablly .... we know the route he took.. and this was a slap in the face to all owners and League officials that he is larger than the game ... when at the end of the day some one is signing his paycheck ( very arrogant idiot from akron )

doing "decision" then staying in Cleve... is a mcdonalds worthy disney level space jam moment that probably would have willled clev to a title just on karma and the deed of good ... probably cooling jets of owners to deal with all the thugin around the league ... but no lbj is what he is and that did not happen

owner are done with the games , and with only have the teams ( the big market ones only ) making profit they have no problem holding out , they aren't makeing money anyway ... thats my take

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Silence on labor talks; preseason to be delayed

Why would an owner allow players to take more of the profits than they do, without any of the risks ?

The NBA has had a monopoly in professional basketball in this hemisphere since the ABA folded. They still do. They aren't going to lose much market share if the entire 2010 NBA All-Star team defects to Europe, China and Italy, and the NBA goes on without them. Every year, for every NBPA player that refuses to go back to work under the "worst" deal offered by the NBA, there will be 10 other players ready and able to take their jobs. Fans might appreciate the refreshing new perspective on "enough is enough".

How long will dillusional, greedy sociopaths like Kobe and LeBron play in Europe without the lucrative endorsement entitlements, star-struck media attention and forgiving legal system of the U.S. ?

If owners are naiive enough to be duped into believing that these slumdog millionaire players have other viable options, to compete with what the NBA can offer them, they ARE fools. They need to refuse to negotiate anymore with the NBPA, strike new standards for salary caps, contracts, free agency, and accepttable behavior on and off the court, and sign players that want to play NBA basketball under such reasonable and profitable conditions... that still pay millions of dollars more than the players could possibly make outside the NBA. Give them a $50K pension after 7 years. Impose a lifetime ban on players not in camp in 7 days, and see what happens...they won't have to figure ways to "come together" anymore. Players will run back faster than they ever did on defense...If they don't, half of them will be broke or in jail in a year.   

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 7:21 pm

Silence on labor talks; preseason to be delayed

They will not ever let it be known how it went, which probably means it didn't go to well at all. How do you not let your fans how the meetings are going if you truly cared about them. For F sakes just give some hint if it went good or bad you morons. Meet tomm. and the weekend if you have to it is your job, you say time is not on your side but you say hopefuly to meet next week, unreal!!!

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 7:19 pm

Silence on labor talks; preseason to be delayed

The players have said they're willing to drop their revenue down to around 54% while not having a hard cap and the owners are pushing for a number closer to 45% with a hard cap and really refusing to budge on either. It doesn't look like they'll get a deal done in time. It'll take at least two weeks to print out and sign the new agreement as well as another three-four weeks for training camps free agency etc. So basically with the way things stand if a new deal isn't struck within the next week and a half they won't start the season on time.

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Posted on: September 22, 2011 5:35 pm

Mum's the word on labor talks

I'm going to look at as a positive, but who really knows what's going on behind the scenes at this point. I don't want to see any tme missed and will hold on and hope this gets done in the next week if not sooner. I'm really curious what other people are thinking about this?

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