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Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

Posted on: May 1, 2011 7:44 pm

MIAMI -- Following is the transcript of an interview with crew chief Dan Crawford conducted by designated pool reporter Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press explaining what the Celtics' Paul Pierce did to warrant a second technical foul, resulting in his ejection from the Heat's 99-90 victory over the Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals:

Q: What did Paul Pierce do to merit the 2nd technical with 7:00 remaining? 

Crawford: "It's what we call a verbal taunt. He directed profanity towards (Dwyane) Wade. And in the rulebook, that is a verbal taunt. And it just so happened to be Pierce's second technical foul." 

Q: What did Pierce do for the technical after the (James) Jones foul with 7:59 left? 

Crawford: "The first technical foul, it was contact during a dead ball. He approached Jones and got right in his face. There wasn't a head-butt, but he got right into his face after a hard foul." 

Q: Why did Jones merit a technical with 7:59 remaining? 

Crawford: "We just looked at that. It was Jones' hard foul that pretty much precipitated Paul doing what he did. The technical foul on Jones will probably be looked at. He didn't do as much as we thought. We thought he got in and became aggressive or initiated. But after looking at video, that's something that we'll have to look at again." 

Q: And was Wade's technical for the foul, verbal taunting or otherwise? 

Crawford: "He actually walked toward Pierce and that's why Wade received his, walking toward Pierce and then Pierce's reaction to that."

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 9:53 pm

Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

The officials don't want to hear the jawing between the players.  The idea of banning the verbal taunts and other vulgar displays is to maintain control of the game.  In the playoffs, however, unless the magic words or any form of the magic words are used, the team should get a warning and the next guy with a dirty mouth will get a T.  Of course if the magic words are used at the official or the crowd, the offending party should be run from the game.  Things get kind of testy down on the court, so if one thinks theseplayers  can handle the taunting or bombing without retaliation,  one is not as well informed as one thinks.  Why do you think they let the players fight in hockey or let the guys get whacked/clipped  in football?

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 7:10 pm

Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

Someone said when did trash talking in a finesse sport mean anything. Really?? Basketball is the one sport where you are more engaged with the other player more than any team sport. Players are constantly banging bodies, going at each other for 48 minutes. So yea, if you get the better of someone why can't you talk trash. They are getting paid millions, they can take getting called out if they are getting abused. Larry Bird was one of the best shit talkers ever!!! But he is revered as a competitor. Alot of these comments regarding the NBA are code words for To Black For Me!!! If you don't like it. Don't watch it, plain and simple. You can stick to watching Hockey where the real Thugs play, where players are paid just to be ENFORCERS!!! Yea, that is a game with no Thugs and great moral character.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 1:22 pm

Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

Just a few old men getting frustrated because they cannot hang. Best they keep mouth shut and take the pain.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 12:53 pm

Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

I have to say, after doing what I said I wouldn't do and reading Fin fanatic's whole post, then re-reading my original post, I wish I hadn't bothered reading his post because it's obvious he didn't read mine. Undecided

Fins, most of your post just reiterates what I already said. What are you arguing with me about?

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 12:46 pm

Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

I'm not going to read that whole post, because that will just make me want to repond in length and I'm not going through that again. I'm just going to point out I never said it wasn't deserved. By the rulebook, Pierce deserved to be ejected. I think the rule is stupid and I'd also be upset if Wade or James was ejected for saying something (unless it's REALLY over the top) in a playoff game. I think players, whether stars or role players, should be allowed to talk. I want teams to be at their best and at full strength for the playoffs. That's all.

Also, just for my fellow posters, my last post got deleted because I insulted cBS for their posting error code after I typed I lengthy response to the other poster. I assure you, I didn't insult or ridicule any of my fellow posters, just this wonderful website.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 10:34 am

PP deserved it...end of story

Just to set your mind at ease and erase any notions that it was a "homejob" or the refs had it in for PP: allow me to help you accept that it was deserved.

Technical fouls according to the NBA rule book can be called for:
1. "fighting or threatening to fight" - this applies to PP headbutting .  Does anyone deny that?  That was as clear of a tech as you can get.

2. "profane language toward an official or another player" - I can tell you as I was sitting 2 rows back behind the bench.  He and Wade both dropped immediate F-bombs and then PP dropped an N and threatened him beyond playing in the game.  When the ref attempted to split them up..."What the F^&%" came out.  I think that is a tech as well.

He wasn't thrown out for one action.  He had 2 techs and that is the rule.  Had he not headbutted James Jones, he could have mouthed off all he wanted and not been ejected.  So the ref was supposed to give him a second technical but not thrown him out? Or ignore what he said with about a hundred people within earshot to hear PP threaten another player?

Now if you want to complain about calls...

3. "allowing players to lock arms in order to restrict the movement of an opponent" - unless you were blind, KG and Rondo did that to LBJ on consective fast break drives to the hoop, yet no Tech's were called against either boston players. I guess you all forgot about that play when you were claiming the refs had it in for Boston.  But yet James Jones should have been called for a flagrant when he did it?  He was at least going up for the ball, KG was..."kinda" but Rondo?

Just be fair when you're making claims about so-called conspiracies about how the refs cost you the game.  Besides your plus/minus was better with PP out of the game.  If anything the refs did you a favor.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 9:50 am
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Posted on: May 2, 2011 9:35 am

Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

Seems like an arbitrary decision on the part of the refs and I don't know if throwing a team's captain and best offensive player out of a huge playoff game is the best of decisions.

It's not about throwing the team's captain out of the game.  Either Pierce and Wade deserved technical fouls or they didn't, and you have to call them on both Wade and Pierce or not at all.  They called it, and it was his second tech.  You can't take into account whether or not a guy is going to get thrown out of a game.  Either he deserves a tech or he doesn't.  The ref thought he did.  Was he wrong?  Absolutely, and the bottom line here is neither should have been assessed a technical but Pierce put himself in a position to be ejected by getting a tech earlier while Wade did not. I think the NBA and the refs know they messed up here, so we'll see if they fix it as the series goes on.

I can't believe the ref is now saying that what Jones did wasn't all that much. BS! He came down on top of Pierce
When you get a guy up in the air with a shot fake and then lean into him as you shoot, he will come down on you.  Wade does this all the time too, so I hope to see you back here the rest of the series telling us that half the Celtics team should be assessed flagrant fouls.

and never even went for the ball. That should have been a flagrant foul.
The fact that he jumped up in the air and bit on the shot fake means that he was trying to block the shot and by definition was going for the ball.

But if you really want to play this game, look at the fouls Rondo and Garnett committed on James in the first quarter.  Both fouls were extremely soft but both players made no attempt to go for the ball and simply wrapped their arms around James as he drove to the basket.  Should they have been flagrant fouls?

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 8:45 am

Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

UGA_Steve, what are you talking about?!? You must have been in a drug-induced daze during the 80s to say there was no trash talking back then. Give me a break. Larry Bird could have won a gold medal in trash talking.

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Posted on: May 2, 2011 8:41 am

Ref Dan Crawford: Pierce got tech for taunting

Actually .. the NBA is dying because it didn't curtail this 'respect me or else' attitude all the players have.  Even Charles Barkley admitted the NBA is dying because it became too much like 'street' ball and it turned off the sub-urban people who have the money and don't care for that nonsense.  You don't have to believe it if you don't want to, but it's the truth.  The trash talking needs to stop.  The fact the finesse sport of basketball has more trash talking than football or hockey just cracks me up. 

As for Paul Pierce not getting calls .. please.  The Celtics are still my second favorite team for the glory years of the 80's, but you have to be completely biased to say Paul Pierce gets treated poorly.  He whines on EVERY shot he misses like he is above missing a shot.  He is barking the entire game at the other team.  The reality is, he gets treated very well, because he could have, and should have, been t'ed up two dozen times during the regalar season for his antics towards the officials. 

I will say it's sad that the refs waited until the playoffs to actually call the rulebook like it should be.  If you call it correctly all season then all this smack talking won't be happening. 

I may be in the minority of the few remaining NBA fans (since more fans have left this sport than any other major sport), but I long for the days of the 80'as when there was very little trash talking.  I bet most of the fans who have left the sport think the same way.  You just didn't see the Lakers and Celtics, or the Pistons, Knicks, Hawks, or any of the perennial playoff teams talking smack during games in that decade.  If it happened it was an absolute rarity.  Now, it's almost every trip down court.  And you folks think this is the way basketball should be?  Get over it. 

How many players got caught with guns or involved in some club shootout in the 80's or even the 90's?  Instead of respecting others todays players want everyone to respect them first before they will give any.  That whole social aspect needs to be removed from society and the NBA is one of the biggest perpetrators of it.  Get rid of it and it will be a better game as a whole, and it will bring more fans and money in as well. 

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