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Taylor: Kahn safe, more time for Rambis

Posted on: April 15, 2011 6:59 pm
NEW YORK -- Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor told Friday that he needs more time to evaluate coach Kurt Rambis, but that general manager David Kahn is safe.

"What I’ve kind of asked David and the staff to do is, let’s just take a little bit of time now, back off, and ask everybody to put in some evaluations," Taylor said after the NBA Board of Governors meetings. "Also, look at what are our options going ahead. What could we change? Then, come together and talk about what’s the best solution here. My sense is, it’s just too close to a season in which we didn’t meet the goals that we had set out, so it’s a little frustratiing right now. I’d just as soon not make a final decision when you’re in a little bit of a down mood."

Asked if Kahn were undergoing the same type of evaluation, Taylor said he's made the decision to keep his general manager in place despite 32 wins combined over his first two seasons.

"No, I think I‘ve kind of met with the staff and said, 'Let’s go ahead,'" Taylor said. "Because I’m asking those guys to put together the information for me (on Rambis)."

There are strong indications that Rambis will be fired with two years left on his contract. Despite Rambis' accomplishments developing Kevin Love and Michael Beasley -- the latter being a reclamation project that was believed impossible -- the Wolves are seeking a more energetic sideline figure and better communicator. Though Kahn's relationship with Rambis has improved in recent months, the GM held an end-of-season news conference Wednesday in which he did not endorse Rambis returning next season.

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Posted on: April 16, 2011 4:29 pm

Taylor: Kahn safe, more time for Rambis

I am a Timberwolves fan.  I disliked reading at one time that Kahn's attitude ticked off rival GMs because that is not a good sign in regards to future trade talks and a terrible beginning for Kahn.  Kahn immediately set out to undo everything related to McHale and dumping big Al was a big mistake. Kurt Rambis shows no emotion, no fire, no anything.  He very obviously was slow to understand the value that Kevin Love has to the Wolves.  As a one-time power forward in the league that slowness allows no excuse.  I was pleased to see us get Anthony Randolph.  He may be young and relatively immature, but he can put points on the board, and we are in dire need of that.  I'm thankful that Luke Ridnour has taken over the point guard duties.  He may not be flashy, but he is steady, reliable, and can shoot from outside.  Darko isnt a scorer or a rebounder of note.  Fortunately he works on defense and can block shots.  I suspect at this point in time that Rubio wont be coming to the team with the worst record this season in the next year, maybe never.  I was generally pleased with Beasley this year.  David Stern is a plague.  He would never have penalized a big market team half as much as he penalized Minnesota for the Joe Smith shenanigans.  I mostly blame him for not allowing a relatively new young team to build through the draft, and I will never ever have any respect for him.  Obviously he wont care, but I suspect he is busy planning world war IV.  I somewhat apologize for venting a bit, but I'm getting old and would really like to see the Timberwolves be able to finish in the middle of the league anyway.  I study every box score, for all NBA games including summer leagues.  I'm not able to attend games, live 200 miles north of the Twin Cities, looking outside at the moment at about 4 inches of new snow in my yard on April 16th.  Also would bet a million (if I had it) that Minnesota certainly will not get the number 1 pick in the draft.  We've never moved up in the draft and the ping pong balls are definitely another trick in Mr. Stern's book of tricks.  It is reallt getting old David and the power had gone to your head.

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Posted on: April 16, 2011 1:36 am

Taylor: Kahn safe, more time for Rambis

  As a Wolves fan I'm kind of on the fence here.  I think Kurt Rambis is a great coach. I'm not sure he is a great coach developing young players.  Michael Beasley came forward and said that we were wrong not to buy into Kurts plan until it was to late.  That is were he may lack the motivating factor you need for up and becoming players.  If he does get fired the Lakers should hire him because he would be a perfect fit.  He is a Phil Jackson clone, and would fit right in with the Lakers.  Kurt grew up under Phil, and other than maybe a year or two with the Bulls, has had a Porsche to drive his entire career.  Phil didn't motivate or make Michael the man, Mike did it himself.  Once the pieces were in place, nobody better to run the ship than Phil.  That's who Kurt Rambis is!  I'm sure down the road some of the wolves will realize what the hell he was talking about.  Just because it didn't work so hot in Minnesota doesn't Make Kurt a bad coach, it just wasn't the right fit.

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