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Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

Posted on: November 22, 2010 9:52 pm
Edited on: November 22, 2010 10:14 pm
Erick Dampier has a one-year offer from the Miami Heat and is expected to sign it Tuesday, has learned.

The 35-year-old center arrived in Miami Monday night and, pending his passing of a medical exam, will join the team to replace Udonis Haslem, who is out until at least February with a torn ligament in his foot. The deal is for one year at the prorated veteran's minimum, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

The Heat will have to release a player to create a roster spot for Dampier, likely Dexter Pittman or Jamaal Magloire.

The Heat previously worked out Dampier in September, but decided not to proceed with an offer. The Suns, Raptors, Rockets and Bucks pursued Dampier, who had a verbal agreement to join the Rockets. But Houston surprisingly backed away after failing to clear a roster spot for Dampier. In the end, Dampier got his preferred situation: a title contender forced to accelerate its pursuit of him based on a need that arose during the season. His patience, it turns out, paid off.

Another team inquired about Dampier Monday: the Hornets, who caused Dampier to give them serious consideration based on their 11-1 start. But the Heat remained the ideal fit from Dampier's perspective, and he becomes the latest free agent to join Miami's title pursuit -- albeit under unfortunate circumstances.

The need to act quickly in the wake of news Monday that Haslem will need foot surgery that will shelve him for several months was only underscored Monday night, when the Heat were getting blown out at home by Indiana. Even with the high-profile free-agent additions of the summer, Miami still lacks a true center and has been getting exploited around the basket by bigger, tougher teams.

How ready Dampier is will determine how quickly the Heat will be able to reverse that trend. By his own admission,  Dampier has always been a player who plays himself into shape as the season progresses. After initially meeting with the Heat in September, Dampier considered working out at the Pro Training Center in Clearwater, Fla., to get himself ready to sign. In the end, he decided not to take that route.

Further complicating the decision on who to sign as Haslem's replacement is the fact that Miami's offensive efficiency clearly has been hurt by their slow pace and coach Erik Spoelstra's insistence on playing a traditional point guard with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Adding Dampier, a plodding, post-up center with limited mobility, may signal that Spoelstra -- and, by extension, president Pat Riley -- are digging in on their strategic preferences instead of freeing up the offense with smaller lineups. Either way, Dampier was the best and only option available to a team that badly needs an interior presence to get past Boston or Orlando in the East.


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Posted on: November 23, 2010 10:51 am

Remember guys!

NBA is far from Playoffs, so let's think that this is a long season for all teams.
I am a L.A. Lakers fan but I also considered Miami Heat as a Championship Contender in the NBA so far.
They are still struggling and adjusting for the Miami System and also adjusting to each others mode of play in the court.
I think when Miami Heat plays in Playoffs, we will truly see how furious that they're is.And I think, they badly need for a true and consistent outside shooter (3 pt. shooter).
Go Lakers! hehe.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 10:50 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

Plus give this team to gel.. Don't expect them to win 82 games in any season they have together.. No team can do that..  Rudy Gay and Granger and Pierce might have it their way for now.. but it won't be long.. and stop bringing up james mom... seriously.. we're talking about basketball here.. not peoples mom.. or what they do off the courts... LAKERS VS. MIAMI FINALS..

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 10:44 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

This is a good signing because Maglore is no good. and all these haters.. seriously? the heat loses and you guys all up on them.. We win some we lose some.. Suns beat the lakers at their home floor.. does that mean they can beat the lakers in playoffs? The Clippers beat the Hornets.. does that mean they will be the best team now because they defeated a team with the best record in the nba. You guys are so stupid. Trade bosh for this guy and that guy... Really funny... THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Go down the line in team stat sheets.. you guys will find no team thats number 1 in division and conferences or the whole nba league have won a nba champion.. So don't get too happy... The heat will be there.." Lakers lost 2 in a row... Theyre getting old and cant do it... " You see how ridiculous that sounds.. Thats how you haters sound.. I'm a laker fan.. and I don't believe this Heat team not getting to the finals.THey will contend and beat boston and orlando. We'll talk in June folks

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 8:35 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

you guys are so funny. 14 games into the season and already you are saying they aren't what we thought they would be and this and that. give it a rest people. is the hate that much that if they lose two or three in a row the season is over? gimme a break. this team has faced more adversity early in the season than any team in the league so far to go along with all the hype. things look bleek now but gimme a break. lets see what happens when mike miller is back and then dampier is intergrated in the lineup and teams can't beat up on the heat under the boards. by mid season the team willl take on a totally different look in their lineup.


big z

we will see. but don't jump to conclusions so quickly. just wait and see. don't let the hate blind you.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 2:36 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

Yeah, some of those trades are ridiculous. Bosh to Charlotte?  Gilbert Arenas?  Only way Miami gets Arenas if they league declares the salary cap dead tomorrow.  And Arenas has the same problem as Wade and James:  he's only effective with the ball in his hands.  The two teams you want to emulate are the Lakers and Celtics.

Celtics' big three works becasue they all do very different things and are combined with a great passing point guard and banging centers.  Ray Allen works off picks, Pierce works from isolation, Garnett in the post.  Everyone scores within an offensive scheme in differing ways.

Lakers have Kobe Bryant, who can score in a number of ways (isolation, post, screens).  Gasol can score down low or in the high post.  Bynum can score down low.  Fisher hits spot up shots.  Artest scores in varying ways, as does Lamar Odom.  The Lakers are also successful because they run the triangle, which helps generate ball movement even with a high scoring guard like Bryant involved.

There are no redundancies on these teams.  They also work extremely well defensively, which the Heat do not.  The Heat need a low post scorer and some bangers/defenders.  They're going to have to trade someone at some point if they want to improve this year (they will get better than they are now, but not elite level), or they're going to have to wait until next year and try to convince some players to take exceptions/low salaries to win.  If the league goes to a hard cap, they're really screwed, because then they'll have no flexibility to sign anyone.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 1:27 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

Bosh for Diop or Mohammed? Are you serious?  Z and Bosh for Bass and Gortat?, send me some of that bud you're smoking and thanks for the laugh.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 1:24 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

This is a good fit for MIAMI,  they should have signed him before the season started!! This is the NBA, you need experienced bodies to bang in the middle, they don't need any scoring form him, just a little defense and some rebounding. My biggest concern with this team is the coach, why is he playing arroyo? Are you kidding, this guy is no good!! Chalmers should be starting, he brings defense to the position and he's a reasonable distributer. They may need to look into another point guard but this arroyo guy is terrible, he needs to be on the bench!!!!! Bosh is starting to play a little tougher, he was soft as pudding out there at first, he needs to toughen up!! And Anthony needs to be reinserted into the starting lineup, starting Ilgauskas is another retarded move!!!!

The reason for the bad start is, The coach is putting a incomplete team on the floor, thinking wade or Lebron can run the point position and win in the playoffs is insane, no way the can defend the pick and roll consistently against good point guards in the playoffs!!!!!

The team as it should be:

PG: Chalmers, sign another pg to start or to back up chalmers
SG: Wade, Stackhouse
SF: Lebron, Mike Miller is ok I guess.
PF: Bosh, Haslam
C:  Dampier, Ilgaskas

Bench: House, Anthony, Jones, Howard

A very solid team!!!! As long as the coach doesn't screw it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Posted on: November 23, 2010 1:01 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

The Heat messed up this past summer, by not snatching Shaq with LeBron.  Knowing full well that the Heat were limited in height, they could have gotten Shaq at a ridiculously meager amount, but instead they picked up Big Z, who has never really been a defensive force.  With Shaq, the Heat would have had a large albeit "obstacle" in the middle of the lane, to deter folks from pounding the paint, as has been witnessed in the first 10 or so games.

Now enters Eric Dampier, who once proclaimed that he was the "second best Center in the West".  Wow, this is oging from bad to worse.  Sure, Dampier will be able to lumber up and down the court, a little faster than Big Z, but he's not the physical force the Heat need in the paint.  I see that the Heat will have to drop rookie center Dexter Pittman or journeyman center Jamaal Magliore, so that Dampier can join the roster.  I vote for Magliore, since he adds little to no upside to the team and Pittman, if given playing time, could bang with lots of their opponents, even though offensively, he's not going to matter much.  Pittman can "run" the floor better than any other Center this team has.  Spoelstra should consider trading Bosh to Charlotte for the likes of Diop or Nazr Mohammed, both of whom would be able to run the floor and use their fouls judiciously.  Neither of these guys are scorers, but the Heat need athletic big men, which these two guys have.  If the Heat wanted a scoring center, they should consider trading Bosh and Big Z to the Orlando Magic, for Gortat and Bass, Gortat and Lewis.  Lewis isn't doing much this season and is grossly overrated (IMHO).

I agreet hat Wade and LeBron are pretty much "identical" in their playing positions.  On paper, they look like a force to be reckoned with, but they've yet to gel on the court.  LeBron seems to feel more "at home" than Wade does, and this is supposedly "Wade's team".  Go figure.  Bosh has lost his effectiveness, now that he's consdiered to be the "third wheel" on this squad.  Trade him while he still has value.  Charlotte, Orlando, Indiana, Houston, Chicago, Philly, New Jersey, Portland and Denver, could use his scoring.  Defensively, Bosh is nowhere to be found.  By shipping him to one of the above squads, he wouldn't be relied upon as much, to be a defensive force; he'd be able to focus and contribute via his offesive prowess.

Ironically, I think another trade that could bolster the Heat would be trading Bosh to Chicago, for Carlos Boozer.  Bosh would be much better suited to the running style of the BUlls, and Boozer would be much better suited for the banging down low slot that the Heat so desperately need.  Boozer is a bit undersized, but his strength and tenacity would be a bonus for the Heat.  When Haslem returns from injury, both of these guys could co-exist and spell whatever center(s) the Heat end up with.  Boozer would attack the boards, whereas Bosh waits for the ball to come his way.  Just a different approach to rebounding.  Boozer goes towards the contact, where Bosh doesn't.

So, ultimately, the Heat could end up with a lineup like: PG-xxx; SG-Wade, SF-LeBron, PF-Haslem/Boozer, C-Dampier/Pittman/Big Z.  The Heat "have to keep" Pittman, since youth tends to trump old, plodding ineffective players (Magliore).  The other glaring area of concern is the PG slot.  Somehow, I think the Heat should try to acquire Gilbert Arenas, which would add some serious firepower to the PG slot in Miami.  Yes, Arenas will have to accept the fact that he won't be the "man" in Miami, but he'd be a great compliment to Wade and LeBron, as he's knows how to play the PG role, far better than Wade and LeBron.

Folks need to disregard all the hype that the Heat are the "team to beat in the East".  CLEARLY, this is not the case and this team is a "work in progress".  I think next year, the Heat will be much more formidable, if they indeed flush Bosh for a Boozer "type" PF, and they acquire a true PG, along with a decent Center.  In the East, Boston is the clear team to beat and I think it's somewhat of a toss up between Chicago and Orlando for the second best team.  The Heat are clearly the fourth or fifth level team with their current roster.  Much will need to change, sooner rather than later, if this team is going to make it past the first round of the playoffs.

The Heat are not there yet.  But with Wade and LeBron as foundation pieces, once they gel, and get teammates that can compete like Wade and LeBron, then everyone will need to watch out.  The Heat could be serious championship material, but that's realistically 2-3 seasons from now.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 12:57 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

Look, I don't like the Heat and I hope this doesn't work.  However, don't be so quick to bury them...their demise is greatly exaggerated.
They can still be there in the end.  Give them some time before writing them off and giving your 'expert' commentary on why they're toast.  I still think LeBron should have gone to Chicago but he didn't.  He'll still the best and he has two of the top players with him.  Unfortunately, this thing can still work out.

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Posted on: November 23, 2010 12:21 am

Source: Dampier to sign with Heat

They just seem too tentative to me.  Both afraid to take over when they need to.  Both afraid to move without the ball.  Bosh is in the same boat.  Nobody wants to press the issue.  Both Wade and Lebron are so good with the ball in their hands and are so inept without it.  The idea about running a natural Point Guard along side them does not work.  Just work one or the other at the point and bring in a shooter or defender to compliment.  Interior D has been weak.  Dampier might help there.

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