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Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

Posted on: September 15, 2010 8:26 pm
One month after Carmelo Anthony’s high-powered team of advisers first began pressuring the Denver Nuggets to trade him, the superstar scorer has not wavered in his desire to be dealt, multiple sources told

“There’s no sign of reconsideration on Carmelo’s part, despite what [Denver] has publicly said,” said one of the people involved in the process.

The two sides remain locked in a stalemate over Anthony’s future while a three-year, $65 million extension offer sits untouched in front of him. While Nuggets officials – including influential adviser Bret Bearup and executive Josh Kroenke – continue to rebuff trade inquiries while hoping to repair the franchise’s relationship with Anthony, privately the team is beginning to examine which teams would have the most attractive combination of young players, draft picks and expiring contracts to complete a deal. And the team currently viewed by people close to the situation as having the most realistic chance of putting together a blockbuster, perhaps multi-team deal for Anthony is the New Jersey Nets.

“They’re working the hardest to get a deal done,” one of the sources said.

With No. 3 overall pick Derrick Favors, multiple extra draft picks, and Devin Harris, whose $8.98 million contract could be parlayed into a serviceable replacement for Anthony in a three-team trade, New Jersey has the makings of a package that would appeal to Nuggets officials, one of the people with knowledge of Denver’s strategy said. The key, according to the person, would be involving a third team to convert Harris into something the Nuggets would view as “decent replacement value” for Anthony.

That is where another team equipped with attractive assets could enter the picture, multiple sources said: the Philadelphia 76ers. New team president Rod Thorn and GM Ed Stefanski – who formerly worked together in New Jersey – could be central to constructing a deal that would compel the Nuggets to move Anthony rather than endure a season-long distraction that ends with Anthony leaving as a free agent after the season. The key pieces of the Philadelphia equation would be the expiring contracts of Jason Kapono ($6.64 million) and Willie Green ($3.98 million), a young talent such as Thaddeus Young, and Andre Iguodala, who is coming off a solid contribution to Team USA’s gold-medal performance at the FIBA World Championships. Some executives believe the Sixers would at least discuss including No. 2 overall pick Evan Turner if it meant getting Anthony, but that would defeat the purpose of going over the luxury tax to get Anthony in the first place.

Thorn drafted Favors, so that is one piece that is expected to be integral to the discussion once the Nuggets officially begin seeking trade packages for Anthony. The dropoff in talent from Anthony to Iguodala is considerable, but so is the savings; Iguodala is due $44 million over the next three seasons, compared to the $65 million Anthony would command. Two people familiar with Denver’s strategy confirmed the Nuggets would be intrigued by a deal centered around Iguodala. The Nets could sweeten any such offer with Golden State’s 2012 first-round pick and two extra second-round picks they own in the same draft.

A package sending Anthony to the Nets, Favors to Philadelphia and Iguodala to Denver is one way all of these moving parts could come together. But Thorn is said to have reservations about such a deal, which has yet to rise to the level of discussion among the teams.

The situation is complicated by the difficulty in putting enough assets in the deal to satisfy the Nuggets, who don’t want the first move of GM Masai Ujiri’s regime to be trading the team’s cornerstone. Even more crucial is the need for Anthony to indicate he’d be willing to sign an extension with the team that acquires him. It is believed that Anthony, a Brooklyn native whose wife, LaLa Vasquez, also is from there, would sign off on a deal to the Nets, who move to the New York City borough in two years. It is not clear how Anthony would feel about signing an extension with Philadelphia, a city that is halfway between his New York birthplace and the Washington, D.C., area where he grew up. The Sixers were not on Anthony’s initial list of preferred destinations, which included the Knicks, Magic, Bulls and Nets. Anthony, who is good friends with former Sixers star Allen Iverson, also is aware of how harshly Philadelphia treats its sports stars, a person with knowledge of his thinking said.

The Bulls are viewed by one source as “not a realistic candidate” due to the team’s unwillingness at this point to include Joakim Noah in the deal. The Bulls and Noah are currently negotiating an extension. The Knicks, Anthony’s first choice, are viewed by rival executives as not having enough assets to entice the Nuggets. New York has Eddy Curry’s $11.3 million expiring contract, promising big man Anthony Randolph, and swingman Wilson Chandler, but the team’s draft-pick cupboard is bare. Adding to the frustration among Nuggets officials, sources say, is that Anthony’s team has been slow to offer a comprehensive list of trade possibilities.

As the Nuggets walk the tightrope between getting value for Anthony and trying to compel him to reconsider and sign the extension, other factors are in play. Ujiri, a former Nuggets scout who was with the organization when Anthony was drafted, just lived through the nightmare of losing star Chris Bosh in Toronto. Ujiri was part of the management team that decided not to trade Bosh at the February 2010 trade deadline, and Bosh bolted to join Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in Miami. The Raptors got a trade exception and two first-round picks – small consolation for the loss of the team’s franchise player.

Which is exactly what the Nuggets are trying to avoid, one way or another.

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Posted on: September 27, 2010 9:42 pm

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

A deal that would work for all teams would be.     &n
bsp; Nets get Carmelo.    &nb
sp;     Send A 1st round pick to the Nuggets they have theirs and Golden States next year. Also send  Favors, Devin Harris and Kris Humphries to the Sixers.    &nbs
p;   Sixers Send Iguadala and either Lou Williams or Jason Kapono and a lottery protected 1st rounder to the Nuggets.   It's a win for everybody The Nets get their man in Melo'. The Nuggets get Iggy plus 2 1st round picks and either a young scorer in Williams or an expiring contract. The Sixers get Favors (Who Thorn drafted in Jersey. Plus Harris(Who will have to be included to make any Melo to the Nets deal work) who gives the Sixers a nice 3 guard rotation with Jrue Holliday and Evan Turner. Humphries is just a piece to make the numbers work. Let's do it problem solved

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Posted on: September 17, 2010 11:00 am

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

Yahoo would beg to differ, wonder who's source is bogus here...

just more proof that NO ONE knows what is going to happen with melo, they are all just rumors with no actual factual basis.  
dont believe it unless ya hear it straight from the horse's mouth

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 4:24 pm

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

Don't kid yourselves, it's between the Nets, Knicks, Nuggets and Bulls...

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 3:42 pm

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

If they trade Melo I agree, but I would start over with: Ty Lawson, Nene, and Aaron Afflalo.  You can't do anything with Harrington, but I think he'd fit in to Karls style of play.  Other then these guys send them all except to Chauncey to the Nets, Clippers, Twolves ect.  As for Billups Boston or Miami to help him get another ring.

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 3:08 pm

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

First and foremost let me say that this is a very good article by Ken Berger, and might very well be the best one that I have read here on CBS this year. Money mouth

After reading it I feel that the Philadelphia 76ers would be the best trade for all parties involved if indeed they (the 76ers) are willing to part with those expiring contracts and a future first and maybe second round draft pick. There is no need to to put Andre Iguodala in the trade because it is becoming very clear that the Denver Nuggets are dealing at a deficit with Carmelo Anthony who has (along with his advisers) have drawn a hard line in the sand and made their intentions very clear. It is better, in my opinion, for the Nuggets to get something of value for Anthony while they still can before he walks and they get absolutely nothing.

The New Jersey Nets would have been a good trade candidate with all of the draft picks and young talent that they have but the delays (the tenants in those apartment builings where the new arena is to be built as well as other legal things) in trying to move from New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York has probably squashed any burning desire he might have had to play for the Nets.

I would have liked for my New York Knicks to have gotten Anthony, but they practically have zero trade capital since they expended almost all of it clearing their roster and cap space in an attempt to land LeBron James. Free agency is the way they (the Knicks) would have to go but I think that there will be a sign and trade of Carmelo well before free agency even comes up. Cry

Once again great article by Ken Berger. Smile

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 1:38 pm

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

Hey Let's get Baron Davis!  he's a true winner.  You have to be kidding me.  That guy is a cancer, and a walking injury waiting to happen.  We won't trade Oden at this point, for anything.  We've waited too long to move him before he may actually, finally, (fingers crossed) be healthy.

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 1:08 pm

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

The Sixers have proven you cant build a team around . He's a nice player, but will never be elite.  While the Nuggets have better parts to surround him with, they'll be a 45 win team at best.  With Harris  Favors, Randolf and a pick they could be back to competing with the big boys within a year, and have a bright future thereafter.  The Nets would be hugely improved with Carmello.  He would mesh well with Lopez, Williams and Troy Murphy , but will leave them so thin on the bench...and who would play point guard?  Still, it seems an excellent move for both sides.  It would also be a huge media blow to the Knicks plus give the Nets a face as they prepare to move to Brooklyn!

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 12:24 pm

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

He's coming to the Bulls' let it go already!!!!

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 12:11 pm

This would be awesome for the Sixers

First of all, I like the article and would love it if the Sixers could pull off any type of trade to bring Melo to Philly as long as it did not include Turner or Holliday.  Everyone else can go, and I would love to get Derrick Favors for Igoudala.  The one piece of this story I do not understand and I do not think is correct is about Iverson telling Melo how badly Philly fans treat their stars.  I have been a Philly fan of all sports for 25 years and I have seen plenty of Atheletes not given the respect they deserved for different reasons.  Mike Shmidt, Steve Carlton, Eric Lindros, Charles Barkley, Shchilling, Rolen, Cunningham, McNabb, Dick Allen, and the list goes on are all players that were dumped on at certain times by the Philly fans, some for good reason and others were maybe treated unfairly, but out of all of the athletes and superstars I have seen in and out of Philadelphia I cannot really think of a single one that caused more problems and strife then Iverson who was treated with even close to the respect he has always gotten.  Iverson, for all his fualts was a gamer and a hard nosed player that left his heart on the floor every night, and all the critics in the media were always right about him "to selfish, can't play with another star, pouts, acts imature, gets in trouble, doesn't listen to coaches"  and for all of those things there was nothing that the fans of Philadelphia wanted to see more then maybe a title in the past two years of sports then to see Allen Iverson return to the Sixers.  Iverson was one of the most beloved and respected players in the history of Philadelphia sports and if you ask Iverson that question on any given day he will give you the exact same answer.  If Iverson was anything, he was LOYAL and the fans stayed loyal to him.  If Melo came to the sixers and played with half the heart Iverson played with and won anything, he would be one of the most loved players in the city!

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Posted on: September 16, 2010 12:02 pm

Nets, Sixers add intrigue to Melo saga

100% agree! This makes the Bulls look silly. Knowing the Bulls.....this has something to do with money -probably afraid of the cost to re-sign him when his deal is up.  Who knows for sure?  

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