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Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

Posted on: July 1, 2010 8:33 pm
Edited on: July 2, 2010 9:35 am
Paul Pierce, who opted out of the final year of his contract and walked away for $21.5 million, is close to agreeing to a new four-year, $61 million contract, a person familiar with the deal told
Two sources cautioned that there's still work to be done on details, but the framework of the deal has been agreed to and is expected to be completed by Saturday.

Pierce, 32, has been negotiating exclusively with the Celtics and was motivated by Doc Rivers’ return to the sideline and his desire to make one more championship run with the core group that has been together since Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett were acquired in blockbuster trades this time of year in 2007. The challenge for Pierce and Allen, both free agents, is that both will have to give up some money to fit into the Celtics’ financial plans.

“Guys are going to have to decide, ‘Do you want to chase every last dollar, or do you want to be a Celtic?’” a person familiar with the team’s strategy said.

The question for Pierce was whether to push for a four-year deal or accept a more realistic three-year deal. One of the key issues still to be resolved is the guaranteed amount in the fourth year, sources said. Pierce will turn 37 in the fourth year of the deal.

Nonetheless, it was sensible for Pierce to opt out for several reasons. For one, he wants to help keep Boston’s core together, and a longer-term deal would give him more money in the long run while giving the Celtics more flexibility. Like other free agents, he’s facing uncertainty about a collective bargaining agreement that will be more punitive towards the players next summer. If negotiations with the Celtics had broken down, Pierce would've had no trouble getting a commitment from teams unable to satisfy their needs in the current chase for free agents.

Though he’ll turn 33 next season, Pierce is still capable of being the primary scorer on a winning team and probably could put up better numbers on a team without as many offensive options as the Celtics have.


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Posted on: July 5, 2010 5:24 am

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

Some of you guys keep harping on the dollars for Pierce, and next year, and the year after.

You're totally missing the point.

Really, as a Lakers's fan, I couldn't care less... In fact I like this deal, because it is going to set up the Celtics for many years of mediocrity.

The issue is not Paul Pierce (great player), or the money (not bad for a superstar). It's the FOUR years (terrible, terrible move). When years three and four hit, this becomes a bad, bad, BAD deal. It will tie up money the Celtics will wish they had to supply some bench strength.

BTW... Celtics dominated the Lakers in 2008? Really? Okay, in one game they did. At that point the series is over, because the Lakers are not winning two in Boston. The other three games, LA loses by 10, and six twice. Any idiot calling that a domination is exactly that... I-D-I-O-T!! Laughing If the Lakers don't succumb to a huge Celtic's comeback in Game 3, or manage to complete their own comeback in Game 2, this series could have been much different. But really, these (as I wrote earlier) are all suppositions. And I don't take to supposition unless forced to do so in order to combat lamebrain arguments.

If you really think that Andrew Bynum AND Trevor Ariza would have made no difference, you need only look at AB's replacement... Ummmmm... Nobody, because LA had to move Lamar Odom from a bench role to starter, and put Pau Gasol out of place at center; and Ariza'a replacements (yes, I said replacements because it took two players out of their customary rotation spots), even though Ariza did play a bit, the guys were Vlad Radmanovic and Luke Walton. Neither was even close to Trevor's abilities. So yes... Once again, only an idiot would say these necessitated roster moves made no difference. This is nothing more than a moronic statement.

But that is ancient history, brought up only because some bitter, bitter Celtcs' fans can't face the reality of losing to the complete and better, yes I said B-E-T-T-E-R Lakers. Get over it. It happened, and LA deserved it. Just as Boston deserved it in '08. Sure, Andrew Bynum on one leg for the entire Finals wasn't nearly the detriment of losing Kendrick Perkins for most of Game 6, and all of Game 7. Okay... What a maroon.

If you really think that a core of Kendrick "1 Inch Veritcal Leap" Perkins, Rajon "I Disappear at the Most Important Times" Rondo, and Glen "I'm Really Not So Sure I like the Donkey Nickname Anymore" are going to carry this team forward with any fortitude, then you really weren't watching the Finals. AB on one leg was simply schooling Perkins when he was on the floor. This was the big reason Doc Rivers had to limit Perkins' minutes. Rondo, although he is going to be a very good PG, needs to learn how to shoot a jumper, as all ELITE PGs must, and limit his dumb mistakes. He makes far too many, far too often, and at far too many crucial points in games. And Donkey? Well 'nuff said. He had one really good game, and that was when the Lakers were forced to keep AB out of the game. Other than that, he had a mediocre role player's series. Big deal. He does not strike any fear in a true Lakers' fan's heart.

The notion that the Celtics are going to be looking at a 3-time title run in a few years... Ummmmm... Okay... Time to wake up now.

Regardless, no matter how rosy a picture you may want to paint on this stinky signing, it's not a good one. Two years... Great... Four years is far too long for a player who will then be well past his prime. Bad move Celtics. Get ready for Another 22 Years, coming to a theater near you... REAL SOON!! Laughing

17 come 11.


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Posted on: July 3, 2010 4:50 pm

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

Yes it would really be so bad to let Pierce go and have a rebuilding year as you call it.  I liked winning the NBA championship this year, I don't know about you fool.  But you want ot keep Ray for 2 more years.  0-13 Ray.  3-14 in game seven Ray.  Go be a fan of the Cavs if you're going to be an idiot.

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Posted on: July 3, 2010 1:36 pm

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

15 million per year sounds crazy but it isn't for a proven star player.  You have guys like Darko Milecic making 5 million per year 8 years in a row.... others making 6 or 7 million that suck..

Remember, although it's dropped a bit the NBA is making a fortune and unlike other sports they only have 12 players on their roster where 3 or 4 barely get minimum wage.  So that leaves about 5 starters and maybe 2 reserves to pay anything beyond a couple of bucks to..... consider that a rookie or 2 are caught up in a rookie salary cap and there is tons of money to go around on an nba team.

I wouldn't let Pierce leave if I'm the Celtics... sure, If I could get Lebron or Wade or Bosh made I'd consider it but they don't appear to be in the running for those guys..

Keep what you've got as long as you can.....  why stop winning now?

And finally, if they weren't going to pay him now, why didn't they just trade him 2 years ago when somebody would have paid HUGE to acquire the guy???

You don't rebuild by letting key free agents and key players leave with getting nothing in return..... you rebuild by keeping as much of the core as you can and bringing others in slowly ....

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Posted on: July 3, 2010 3:56 am

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

First off moron giving Paul Pierce that 61  million dollar contract helps the Celtics not hurt them. You think Paul Pierce looks old? That shows right off the bat that you disagreeing with the contract and and holding on to Pierce SHOWS YOU KNOW NOTHING MORE ABOUT about BacketBall than watching a game and i doubt you know whats going on then. Paul is a bonafide star. LeBron James,Dwanye Wade,and Dwight Howard have proven nothing. You forget that just two years ago the CELTIC'S waxed the Lakers a@@ in the finals.Paul didn't loook old then and he doesn't look old now. He could playt till he was 40 if he wanted to and still be a star. Talking about Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett should sign up foran AARP card, remember the Lakers only won game 7 of the finals by 4 points.IT could easily went the other way.OH but they are old men huh? Then what does that say for the lakers?IF i was Danny Ainge i would sign Ray Allen for one more year because Ray has expressed that he only wantsa to play for 1 or 2 more years tops anyway. With the development of Rajon Rondo who in another year will be the best point guard in the NBA and you can take that to the bank. And keeping nate robinson because if he gets major minutes spilting time with Allen he will be a major force. The emergense of Tony Allen's defensive prowess and his ability to drive to the basket,and if they give Glen Davis more playing time say spliting time WITH Kevin Garnett the Celtics have the core of a great team.  Just do the math. OH i forgot you probably don't know how. I guarantee the Celtics if they do these things will be back in the finals next year. Besides had Perkins been playing in game 7 of this years FINALS the Celtics would be defending the title next year. Eveybody know that is true. But he wasn't and won't be but in2012-13 season they will be.


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Posted on: July 3, 2010 2:13 am

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

When the Celtics signed Pierce they put themselves in a position to contend once again.  The Rondo/Pierce duo with Allen and Big baby gives them an opportunity to be competitive in the East once again.

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Posted on: July 3, 2010 2:10 am

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

With the Celtics signing Pierce they will again be in a position to contend.  I still believe a Rondo/Pierce duo combined with Allen and Big Baby will give the Celtics another season or two to be in the hunt in the East.

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 10:55 pm

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

I don't think teams across the East are shivering at the thought of any "core" involving Perkins and Big Baby.  Rondo is a solid player but the other two are what they are, nice role players on a good team.  It seems like most seem to think there will come a time when they regret this deal.

Depending on how things shake out they likely have another run in them if they resign Ray but to imagine two runs is hard when there are younger teams on the rise in the East and West for that matter.

It however, is a move they almost had to make since his is the face of the franchise like a previous poster said.  This just feels like there will be a thud during the transition period in a couple years, a long drop off a cliff or fall from grace in the 2012-13 season, that is of course based on the current roster. 

Though the Lakers and C's have had down periods such as before the Gasol trade that allowed Kobe to win the last 2 rings because of that deal since in the 3 years post Shaq he missed the playoffs once and got bounced in the first round the other 2 years.  In Boston's case before the trades that formed the Big 3 in Boston (their misfortune seems to be tied to previous drafts of players becoming stars once leaving Boston such as Joe Johnson or that fabulous Billups for Kenny Anderson trade and no luck with the ping pong balls in a couple years, but that's all hindsight).  Point is these teams never seem to stay down in the dumps too long, relative to a team like Minnesota, Sacramento or another small market team that has to build through the draft.

Of course there are exceptions to the large market slump that being the poor Clippers, the post (part two) Jordan Bulls and of course the Isaiah run into the ground Knicks but he is long gone so things will surely be looking up.

I was going to say that a three year deal would have been better but from what I just read in the Herald the 4th year is not guaranteed so we shall see.

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 8:36 pm

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

Why does everyone say that they're going to be finished after this year. They have a strong core of player in Rondo, Perkins and Big Baby. They'll have some cap space and will probably add a average free agent or two. The Celtics will be in contention for years to come.

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 8:27 pm

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

Its for 4 years/61 million...rather than 96. I wouldn't mind paying him 15 mil per year.

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 4:04 pm

Pierce, Celtics close to deal (UPDATE)

I'm a Lakers fan of course and maybe it's not my place to speak but I think this is a mistake.  Boston by doing this is basically saying were going to make 1 more run at a title next year and be damned with what comes after that.  Is that really a good idea Celtics fans?  Seriously after next year there is no chance this core group are gonna get a shot.  Danny Ainge is taking all his chips and going all in at the final table of the WSOP.  Kevin Garnett is a shell of what he was in 2008, I think after that title he's spent.  Ray Allen is a great shooter and I can see giving him a 2 year deal maybe.  Paul Pierce, yes I hate him, but is a damn good player but keeping this team into their late 30's it's bad business coming from a Laker fan.

Yeah, Boston is going all in with 9/10 offsuited.  Not a bad hand, but needs some luck to win the hand.  Then they've got 2/8 offsuited the next three years.  We'll see how it works and maybe they really have no better options.

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