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Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

Posted on: July 1, 2010 2:06 pm
Edited on: July 1, 2010 2:22 pm
Joe Johnson will sit down for a second meeting with Hawks officials in Los Angeles Thursday and expects to make a decision on the team's six-year, $120 million offer "in the near future," his agent, Arn Tellem, told

"We met with the Hawks and Knicks [Wednesday] night and have heard a number of other teams with significant interest in Joe," Tellem said in an email. "At this point, Joe has many great options to choose from. We plan to meet with the Hawks again [Thursday] to discuss the details of their offer and we hope to make a decision in the near future."

Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and the Clippers also expressed interest in Johnson. But the fact that he's circling back to the Hawks so early in the process is validation of his desire to stay in Atlanta -- and also his recognition that $120 million is a lot more than the $90 million or so the other teams can offer. That's what the Knicks offered -- a five-year deal at the max, the most that they could -- according to a source familiar with the process.

In fact, one executive within the league said that perhaps the only reason Johnson has waited this long to commit to the Hawks is that he's enjoying the recruiting process that so many of the top free agents have coveted.

"I don't know what else he wants to hear," the executive said. "If that's not enough, then obviously he wants to go somewhere else. Do you want to go New York with $90 million or stay in Atlanta with $120 million and win?"

If and when Johnson commits to the Hawks, he would throw a significant portion of the Knicks' recruiting plan for LeBron James out of whack. New York was hoping, in part, to sell LeBron on pairing up with Johnson because their games and styles would complement each other better than any other two top free agents. But if Johnson doesn't wait for James to hear all the pitches from the six teams currently scheduled to meet with him in Cleveland, it's a sure sign that Johnson wasn't sold on the idea.

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 2:35 pm

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

Joe Johnson put up a 21-5-5 line last year and has a career 18-4-5 line. In comparison, Luol Deng put up 18-7-2 last year with a career 16-6-2 line. Luol makes $13 million a year and is also 4 years younger, yet it seems like everyone complains about him and his contract. So Joe Johnson, who averages 3 more points a game, has a few more assists and a few less rebounds, who shoots about the same percentage, who has more miles on his tread, does he really deserve $7 million more a year?
I know Joe doesn't deserve that money, but that's the money he'll get in this NBA landscape. I just think it's time people started easing up on Luol. He's no LeBron, Wade, or Bosh, but is Luol really worse than the 2nd tier of "max" players available?

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 1:14 pm

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

Sorry, but you don't know basketball.

For one, berger just quoted an NBA exec on that part, so he didn't write it.

for another, LeBron is a penetrate and pass player while Johnson is a stand around the perimeter and throw up jumpers player.  Those styles ARE perfect for each other.  LeBron drives and scores if the defense doesn't collapse on him.  If it does, he has the PERFECT kick out man in Joe Johnson.  Defenses will have to decide which poison to drink. 

LeBron and Joe is a FAR better tandem for their playing styles than LeBron/Wade or LeBron/Bosh.

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 11:50 am

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

Why is everyone ripping this move? Sure, it's not the smartest move. But with such a young team they are just going to grow and continue to mesh. What makes you think that with a new coach who sat down and watched first-hand EVERYTHING Mike Woodson did wrong is going to copy those mistakes? He knows iso-Joe doesn't work. He knows switching on pick and rolls doesn't work. He knows starting Bibby doesn't work. He knows playing the starters at 35 MPG+ per player doesn't work. He knows more about this team and its make-up than ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY other coaching chandidate we could have hired. Also, retaining Joe was the only smart thing the Hawks management could do. At first I was against it, but why would you not resign him? There is not even another player CLOSE to his talent level that we could have signed with our remaining cap money if we didnt, plus we already had the upper hand at resigning him anyway. 

I do not like that he is 29 and about to be 30, but his game is not a jump shooting game anyway. I'm not worried about him losing his legs. His whole life has been based on mid-range shots and getting in the lane. He is not going to shrink with age so he will continually have a size advantage over smaller guards..... yes.... EVEN WHEN HE'S 35 OR 36!!!! So I'm not worried. If we have to, set up plays where he just posts up. He WORKS on post up situations because he knows he can utilize them. 

He also comes back to a team that (excluding draft picks and Jamal) has been together for the last 5 years. They keep adding pieces to the puzzle to strengthen it. We now have Jamal to run backup point (Bibby is much to old and slow, he is a voice of leadership at this point. He should see little play time) and the other Crawford (Jordan) to help spell Joe's minutes. So gone are the days of 40+ MPG for Joe. I'm very optimistic about this team and this year. Our coach knows the players, our players know the coach, the coach (if nothing else) knows what DOESN'T work so all he has to do is the opposite. Why is everyone hating on the Hawks right now? They did everything that, in the end, makes sense. You can't help it that another team is gonna offer a max, so you have to offer a max to keep him. He will help this team grow in his 6 years here, that is a fact....

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 10:38 am

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

any lineup that include Bibby is a joke, the man is done!!!!!

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 10:21 am

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

Joe Johnson is NOT a max player.. Especially with his original, because the deal is 1 year longer and 30 million dollars richer.. Joe Johnson is NOT a max player.. And off subject, Rudy Gay is not "close to a max player" as his new contract would suggest by Memphis.. Back to Joe Johnson..

He averaged 21 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds last season.. Averaged a HORRIBLE 11 points per game, in the Orlando series that Hawks were destroyed in.. And Joe Johnson even said after one of the losses "I don't care if the fans boo. I don't care if the fans come to the game".. This is NOT who you want to be a max player.. The ONLY players, available now, that are MAX PLAYERS are as followed:

Lebron James- Top 3 player in the NBA and the most marketable player, right now..

Dwayne Wade- Top 3 player in the NBA, point blank

Chris Bosh- A "big" who can score, run the floor, and rebound.. Still young.. Can't find that everywhere

Amare Stoudamire- Is a beast, with or without Steve Nash.. He'd still be a beast with Wade or Derrick Rose distributing him the ball.

Dirk-Has Top 5 players in the game talent and an MVP candidate every year 

Thats IT!!! No Paul Pierce.. No Joe Johnson.. No Rudy Gay... No David Lee.. Although, I will acknowledge Carlos Boozer is very close to the True Max Player list.. He is a max player on ability, but his injury past is what keeps him from being on my list of 5..

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 7:26 am

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

Poor reading skills.  The writer was stating the Knicks' plans to lure Lebron to New York.  He wasn't staing his opinion. 

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 5:02 am

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

please, dragon, don't brag about rare regular season wins cuz u know it's nearly impossible to get up for playing the knicks...  plus u no longer have those forty points off the bench, u traded them for an old, one dimensionsal player that won't help you...  nba is all about matchups anyways (see atl 4-0 vs. boston, only one win vs. dwight)

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 4:09 am

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

Once again I must be the voice of reason, first I can agree with most blogs, I am one that will actually support the move. I like Joe Johnsons game he is honestly one of the best ALL AROUND players in the league, plays solid defense and is versatile in offensive game sets. He can be effective with or without the ball, more effective without the ball, because he is most effective coming off ball screens.
The biggest sticking point for most people is the salary agreement. 6 six $119 million thats a boat load of money, but if they didnt offer he would have gotten an offer equal to that from an Miami, Chicago, or New York.
You couldnt offer Wade, Bosh, or James the amount of money their home teams had,  or even teams that had cleared cap space, such as the Bulls, Knicks, or Nets. I don't think you really lose in this situation, I can see the Hawks getting better still, even under their new coach in Larry Drew. The problem has never been the talent that we have here in Atlanta, it has always been coaching and preparation.
that is where i need to see an improvement that is what wins you championships.

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 3:11 am

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

Only a couple of things WRONG with this report... 1) Donnie Walsh didn't offer Johnson 5yr/90mil - He isn't going to cripple the Knicks AGAIN after spending 2 seasons just making cap space ( EVEN if he really wanted JJ in NYC ). Offer may have been shorter than 5 OR slightly less than maximum. 2) "Do you want to go to New York with 90 million or stay in Atlanta with 120 million and win" - Win WHAT ??? The Knicks have beaten the Hawks HANDILY while David Lee has been the "big gun" for New York these past 2 season and strangely enough, I don't seem to remember Atlanta having much to say about Boston beating Cleveland and then Orlando on their way to the Finals. Ssoo GOOD LUCK Atlanta !! I hope that if JJ really is getting a "MAX" contract from y'all that you can figure out how to beat the Knicks next season when they'll be better and then you can worry about moving further up the playoff ladder. Ya, Right.

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Posted on: July 2, 2010 12:54 am

Johnson, Hawks to have second meeting (UPDATE)

 has reached agreement on a five-year, $34 millionAccording to Yahoo, this guy just agreed to a 34 million deal.  I follow the game and I have never heard of him.  Ever.  The league is going to be bankrupt soon due to the idiotic spending of the owners.  $34 million for a 6 pt, 4 board guy.  Sure, in the grand scheme of the cap, its not a whole lot, but thats almost 7 mil a year they could spend on two or three players who all can give them 6 and 4.  Hell, get most any D1, big conference player and he might be able to give you that and would happy just to stay in the team hotel and get the food money.
Joe Johnson is a moron if he doesnt sign that contract ASAP.  It is one of the dumbest non Isiah contracts of all time.

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