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Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

Posted on: February 18, 2010 1:44 am
Edited on: February 18, 2010 2:36 am
The Rockets and Kings have agreed in principle to a deal that would send Kevin Martin to Houston, two sources confirmed to, while Tracy McGrady would go to the Kings or Knicks depending on whether the trade expands into a three-team deal.

Details of the agreement were still emerging early Thursday, but one of the sources indicated that the Rockets' aggressive pursuit of a landing spot for McGrady and his $23 million contract may not have taken its last turn before the 3 p.m. ET Thursday deadline. A second person involved in the process was hopeful that McGrady would be rerouted to New York, the former All-Star's preferred destination.

Those familiar with the Kings' thinking have long professed their lack of interest in McGrady, but it wasn't clear early Thursday whether T-Mac would be rerouted to New York by the Kings or sent there in a more standard three-way arrangement. Earlier Wednesday, a person with knowledge of the Kings' posture placed the likelihood of Martin remaining in Sacramento past Thursday's deadline at "100 percent." When pressed, the source opened the door slightly. "OK, 95 percent," the person said.

So there you go.

The players involved in the initial version of the deal were Martin, Kenny Thomas, Sergio Rodriguez, and Hilton Armstrong leaving the Kings, with the Rockets contributing McGrady, Carl Landry, and Joey Dorsey.

The tangled web was woven out of discussions among the Rockets, Knicks, and Bulls surrounding McGrady, whose cap-clearing contract was coveted by both Chicago and New York as they get their books in order for the 2010 free agency class. The discussions took numerous turns, including the Bulls failed efforts to recruit a third team to meet the Rockets' demands. Houston, in the end, may have found its own trading partner; the addition of Martin to the scenario significantly enhances what was already a premium price the Rockets were extracting for McGrady, a player they banished in December after an ill-fated return from microfracture knee surgery.

The Knicks and Rockets had spent the past 48 hours discussing a deal that would've sent McGrady to New York as part of a package for Jared Jeffries, Jordan Hill -- the No. 8 pick in the 2009 draft --Larry Hughes and draft pick consideration. The protection on the picks was the sticking point, as the Knicks and Rockets were unable to agree on the conditions under which they would swap 2011 first-round picks and send New York's 2012 first-round pick to Houston.

The Bulls, frustrated with the Rockets' demands and unable to successfully recruit a third team to sweeten their offer, moved on to discussions with Milwaukee, where they will send John Salmons and his $5.8 million owed next season for two expiring contracts.

The Knicks and Rockets may yet get a chance to revive their negotiations if the McGrady deal evolves into a three-way exchange. If not, sources say McGrady hopes to negotiate a buyout and land with a playoff contender.


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Posted on: December 21, 2010 12:38 pm

Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

go jazz

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Posted on: May 27, 2010 11:20 am

Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

Kevin Martin gives the Rockets another undersized scoring guard. Do you notice how the good teams never become elite until they have excellent point guard play? And by point guard I am referring to their court general, this doesn't have to be the PG position (Magic, Kobe, Spurs with Ginobili) The Celtics had the big 3, but even they will tell you and did say that they can only go as far as Rondo takes them. Aaron Brooks is not an elite PG, he's a scoring guard and so is Kmart. Notice the remaining 4 teams in the playoffs, they are all BIG on the front line. Landry could man down the post adn stretch the D, as he had a midrange game that you had to respect. He could have easily been a great foundation for the Rockets to build around. They traded a skilled PF who relied on good footwork, technique, and hustle for a oft injured scorer. Bad move

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Posted on: February 18, 2010 2:20 pm

Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings


Bynum is a starter (although Jackson is considering starting Odom instead)...he's not coming "off the bench".  No way the Lakers have more depth than the Cavs...just not true.  The Cavs outphysicaled the "big" Lakers team in both matchups...Phil Jackson said it himself.  You have an aweful lot of confidence in a team that got punked at home by the Cavs...I know its hard to let go or imagine that your team might not be the best anymore (and granted, until the Cavs take them out, the Lakers have the world champion title), but you clearly haven't watched many Cavs games if you think they aren't one of the deepest teams around, especially now with Jamison coming on and Leon Powe returning from his injury...they have lots of players that could start for many an NBA team that hardly even play.

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Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

Dude...LeBron will not be coming to NY, just so you know.  There's really no realistic reason for it aside from NY is a fun city.  He's from Cleveland (Akron), just built a huge house here, all his friends and family are working in this town, loves for his mom to come to all his games (and her big new house is here), his best friends are his teammates and he won't want to let them down to go play with a bunch of players he's never played with, he already plays for a team that has the best record in basketball (and he said he doesn't care about money...only cares about winning), plays for one of the best owners in all of sports that is willing to deficit spend every year to surround LeBron with whatever talent he wants (and the Cavs owner just won the rights to open the only casino in Cleveland, will be even more rich and plans to re-invest that money into the Cavs), he already makes the second most of all athletes in endorsements while working in Cleveland (second only to Tiger) and doesn't need NY for the endorsement money, has an endorsement deal through a Chinese minority owner that allows him access to the massive LeBron crazy China market that he wouldn't have playing for another team, a coach that he absolutely loves, a GM that has proven over and over that he is skilled at getting LeBron what he wants, and he can receive 30 million and an additional year more from the Cavs than any other team (just in case he does care about the money) on a max contract.  LeBron is also smart enough to know that winning a championship takes a lot more than two "max" players signing on the same need a lot more talent and depth and signing two max players will not give any team eough money to surround those players with enough talent to win championships.  There's not a single reason for him to leave Cleveland and it's just not going to happen...sorry.

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Posted on: February 18, 2010 1:54 pm

Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

Joke is the last word anyone should use to describe LeBron...hiliarious.  He's the best player on the planet, hands down.  LeBron gets excited about every win...had nothing to do with the Lakers...please don't make yourself the center of the universe.  Cavs are unproven in the playoffs?  What the heck is that supposed to mean...they've played in the last four conference championships and the NBA championship in 2007...I'd say this team has quite a bit of playoff experience.  If you mean they haven't won a ring...well of course, we all know that but it has nothing to do with this years team.  Is there some rule that I'm unaware of that says "be weary, any team that hasn't won the championship yet is unlikely to win it"?  That makes no sense.  Besides which, this team is vastly different from last years team.  Beating the Lakers twice in the regular season doesn't mean anything...hmm.  I do think it means we get home court advantage if we play the Lakers in the championship and in case you're only a casual basketball fan, home court advantage is HUGE in the playoffs.  I also think it means they have quite a bit of confidence against a team if they've beat them twice.  Imagine if they lost both games to the Lakers...then imagine their confidence in a 7 game series with would suck.  So yes...sweeping the Lakers does mean something.  No disrespect to the Lakers because they're a great team but as a Cavs fan, I'm really not all that worried about them...I'd rather play the Lakers than Denver.  Denver presents more matchup problems for the Cavs.  The Cavs manhandle the Lakers when they play Jackson even said as much.  Artest was "brought in to stop/defend LeBron"...that might be the funniest thing I've ever heard Ron say...he got punked by LeBron for big points in both games.  I know its tough to consider that your team might not be the best anymore, and some day I'll have to grapple with the same reality, but the Lakers are honestly not as good as the Cavs. 

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Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

I am a huge Carl Landry fan and I think Houston made a huge mistake trading him. He was the one player I never wanted to se leae Houston. He is a hard worker and has improved more and more every year. He puts his heart in the game and I am kind of peaved at the situation. Im glad T-Mac has left, but now Landry will probably make the Rockets pay with excelling in his career. I can't believe they did that. I would have rather gotten rid of Scola, but I guess this is the way business goes. It will be interesting to see how Kevin Martin plays with this team if he is indeed healthy again.

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Posted on: February 18, 2010 1:33 pm

Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

Great trade for the Knicks - it makes them more appealing for Lebron James .... with Jamison going to the Cavs there was still hope but now if the Knicks get McGrady, James and keep David Lee that team will be stacked and high scoring

Heat need to push for Amare to keep Wade

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Posted on: February 18, 2010 1:02 pm

Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

Overrated huh. Oh someone learned a new word today. If you're gonna make a claim like that you ought to explain it a bit and use factual information such as statistics.

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Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

Getting rid of McGrady isn't worth it if Carl Landry has to go as well.  Landry will be a 20-and-10 guy in the near future.

I think Paul Millsap will be, too.

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Posted on: February 18, 2010 11:21 am

Rockets agree to acquire Kevin Martin from Kings

This is absolutely hilarious. The Rockets ban Tracy McGrady because of his injury prone history and because ball movement isn't fluid with him taking shots. In return they bring in Kevin Martin who is more injury prone than McGrady and is known for taking tons of shots and not doing much outside of scoring. Martin, a below average passer, below average rebounder, below average defender, injury prone, and a ball hog. McGrady is 10 times the player Martin can ever be, pretty funny what Rick Adelman is doing down in Houston. Manipulating management into bringing in former hasbeen Sacramento Kings, what a joke.

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