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Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Posted on: February 15, 2010 4:54 pm
Edited on: February 17, 2010 12:05 am
UPDATED 12:06 a.m.

After acquiring Marcus Camby from the Clippers for Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw and cash, the Trail Blazers may just be getting started. A person familiar with the team's thinking told that Portland remains active in trade discussions and has targeted Tyrus Thomas in a secretive bid to acquire a second frontcourt player for the stretch run.

The Blazers have kept in close contact with Bulls officials regarding Thomas, and the acquisition of Camby has not dampened their interest, a source said. They may need a third team to facilitate a deal since they sent their two most significant expiring contracts to the Clippers for Camby.

Adding a second big man would not only numerically atone for the loss of Greg Oden and Joel Pryzbilla, it would also give the Blazers the best of both worlds with those acquisitions. Camby will help them this season, but his $7.7 million expiring contract wouldn't cloud their future plans. With Thomas, who will be a restricted free agent this summer, the Blazers could take a look at him for the rest of the season and decide whether they want to tender him the $6.3 million offer sheet or let him walk. 

The Knicks and Spurs also are engaged in discussions about Thomas, who has been mentioned as part of the Bulls' package in an attempt to circumvent the Knicks' offer for Tracy McGrady. The Nuggets are still pursuing Thomas, but sources say they're not optimistic they'll be willing to pay the price to get a deal done.


While LeBron James is sold on Amar'e Stoudemire as the piece he needs to win a championship, the same feelings may not exist in the Cleveland front office. That, according to a person who has been in touch with the parties, could be what's keeping GM Danny Ferry from moving more quickly on a deal.

According to the source, LeBron sees Stoudemire's ability as a no-brainer of a complement to his own abilities, but there are concerns on Ferry's and coach Mike Brown's part about breaking up the chemistry of a team that has been on a roll and begins the post-All-Star break push with the best record in the league.

"The chemistry of that team is really firing on all cylinders right now, and they're looking for someone to seamlessly fit that team chemistry," the person said. "And that’s not Amar'e, and Amar'e doesn't defend. That’s why they haven’t pulled triigger yet."

The Suns, hamstrung by uncertainty over whether Stoudemire will exercise his early termination option after the season, are weighing whether to take a chance on retaining him or securing assets they can build with in his absence. When Suns owner Robert Sarver told Sunday night, “It’s definitely an important decision,” he wasn’t kidding. Depending on how the final deal takes shape, trading Stoudemire could save the Suns as much as $10 million in tax money this season.

While Miami, and to a lesser extent Philadelphia, still had viable offers on the table for Stoudemire early Tuesday, a union of Stoudemire, James, and Shaquille O'Neal in Cleveland was realistic enough for Stoudemire to issue a Twitter smackdown Monday to those asserting that Stoudemire and Shaq didn't mesh in Phoenix.

"I play very well w/Shaq," Amar'e wrote via his Twitter account. "I averaged more pts last year WITH him & played better D. You guys can stop saying we don't play well together."

But given that the Suns are telling rival executives that retaining Stoudemire remains on the table as an option, Cleveland has maintained contact with the Wizards amid strong indications that Washington is now committed to moving Antawn Jamison for a package that will yield not only financial flexibility, but also a young asset. Jamison's mid-range game and his personality are viewed by some as a better fit for the Cavs, but his age (33) and contract ($28.4 million over the next two seasons) make it less likely Cleveland would include J.J. Hickson in such a deal.

Sources say chances remain strong that the Cavs land either Jamison or Stoudemire by Thursday as they try to add one more piece to fortify James for a championship run. Speaking after the All-Star Game Sunday night, Stoudemire fondly recalled having played with James on the 2004 Olympic team, and the possibility of a reunion with James and O'Neal -- Stoudemire's former teammate in Phoenix -- dominated the All-Star story lines.


Troy Murphy remains low on the Cavs' list of priorities as Cleveland intends to examine all avenues with Stoudemire and Jamison before it proceeds with Indiana. The Bucks also are among the teams expressing interest in Murphy, whom the Pacers are open to trading. Milwaukee also is a possible landing spot for Drew Gooden, who did not practice with the Wizards Tuesday while tending to "personal business." Among that business, sources say, is attempting to negotiate a buyout with Washington.


What sweetened the Camby deal for the Clippers is something that owner Donald Sterling watches very closely: cash, about $3 million of it. Otherwise, why would a team trade its best defensive player -- on an expiring contract, no less -- for two backups? Blake ($4.9 million) and Outlaw ($4 million) also come off the books July 1, so it's a cap-neutral deal for both teams.
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Posted on: February 18, 2010 5:40 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Well probably for the same reason Jordan drafted Kwame Brown.    It will be a problem for Thomas, since he's really got no one in Charlotte to push him to be better.  They have no chance of signing any of the major free agents, unless they grab Joe Johnson on the max.  Which alone would be rediculous.

There is nothing more dumb then Berger reporting on a possible Mayo for Ellis deal?  wow. Memphis must really value Mayo quite a bit, since he's not even in the same class as Ellis.

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Posted on: February 18, 2010 12:48 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Why are the Bobcats seeking Tyrus Thomas? Why didn't they go after Brendan Haywwod? Haywood is a young C that is in his prime and gives the Cats a strong defensive presence in the middle. Dallas realized that, and will gain a lot in the immediate and short term future. Haywood is injury free and a hard worker.

Jordan, the game is in you, but you're not in the game.

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Posted on: February 17, 2010 8:14 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Gred Oden nees to stop posting pictures of his "junk" on the internet, and get is paycheck collecting, injury riddled arse on the dam court. If he's not carefull, he's gonna become the second coming of Sam Bowie in Portland.

Drafting Oden over Durant was the right thing for the Blazers to do at the time, but so was Bowie. While having Durant and Roy on the same floor seems like overkill, it beats the hell out of having some immature jacka$$ sitting on the sidelines constantly.

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Posted on: February 17, 2010 8:09 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Is Camby joining the Clippers as some kind of coach???  Isn't he something like 47 years old now??  I mean he did play for John Calipari about 10 teams ago.....did he not???
Some people are just flat out stupid.

There is more to a player than PPG.. If all you want is PPG, then go watch the Mavericks. Every team needs a rebounder, shot blocker, defensive player(s), etc.. To say that Camby or Pryzbilla are "useless", "bums" etc... Well, I think too many people get caught up in points, and have no idea what it takes to win a championship.

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Posted on: February 16, 2010 10:00 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Ok so this trade for the Blazers seems fairly sound to me. Right now the Blazers have a gaurd over-load Blake, Bayles, Rudy, ROY, Webester(I know hes starting SF but he plays better at SG) , Batum, Miller and Mills in the D league. Several of thoughs players can also play SF, Roy has filled the spot although again i prefer him as a gaurd, Batum and Rudy can also get it done at SF as well not to mention Rookie Cunningham waiting in the wings. So why keep Blake and Outlaw? Start with blake, I've seen some people mention the "vetran" factor of Blake which i could see being importent espicaly on such a young team. However Miller has 4 years more exprience on the court, a wider range of skills and is a more active leader on and off the court. You couple that with a much younger much more authletic Bayles and bye bye Blake. Millers our Vet and Bayles is our future plain and simple. As to Outlaw, i personaly am sorry to see him go BUT with Cunningham (who apears to posses much of the same skillset and authletisum of Outlaw) and Batum, who is starting to turn into a premere defender thier just isnt much need or room for Outlaw. What portland is short on is interor defence and cap space at the moment. So trade away 8 mill in expiring contracts (players that would have been dumped end of year anyways) for Camby who gives you the interor presence that is needed and alows you to still dump his 7.7 mill in sallery end of the year like pland.

As to the Oden or Durant debate I've heard raised continusoly i think that people are severly confused on the subject. I dont say this to take anything away from Durant (He is awsome no doubt about it) but becuse i do not think he would created a champonship caliber team in portland. It would have semented the balzers as one of the best offensive teams in the league no doubt (Roy and Durant together? give me a break) but it also would have left them in much the same postion as the suns when they tride running shaq at center. Either the blazers would have pryzbila out on the floor slowing down a run and gun offence or be forced to start Aldridge leaving them undersized and weak on interior D. Ths would make us a great reguler season team but a loser in the playoffs. On the other hand if Oden can get healthy and the blazers can continue to mesh all thier young talent a championship isnt unrelistic, I know BIG if. However it was a calculated gamble Either you bet Oden gives us a few healthy years and mabby wins us a title or go with durant and hope that teams just decide to stop playing lock down perimter D during the playoffs and mabby we win a couple titles. I personaly think thier is a better chance of oden getting healthy than teams giving up on slow ball during the playoffs.

What i find intresting is for all the Oden or Durant talk you hear no one ever brings up Roy or Paul. Did everyone forget about that? portland could have take chris paul intead of roy, now mabby they dont end up with Aldridge in that deal but still i think its a bigger qestion than Oden or Durant. Espicaly since it effects that qestion as well. One of the big reasons we didnt take Durant was becuse we had just drafted a franchise scorrer in roy the year before. If we take Paul instead of Roy the year previous all of a suden Durant looks alot more apealing, if we still manage to get aldridge even more so. Now we can take and make a move for tyrus tomus instead of Camby this year and we have Chis paul, Rudy Frenandez, Kevin Durant, Tyrus Tomis and Lamarcus Adridge as our starting 5. That is a team that can run and play Inside/Outside basketball.

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Posted on: February 16, 2010 9:12 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Big fan of the Camby deal for Portland---essentially filled their biggest need w/ a better rebounder and shot blocker than when they started the season; shocked that they pulled this off w/o giving up any talent; not knocking Outlaw but he's coming off the books and plays behind Martell, so if they really wanted to resign him they proberbly could in the off-season.  However, I take issue with what's written above about Cleveland--I live in Cleveland and the one to listen to about trade rumors is the beat reporter, Brian Windhorst, who speaks directly to Ferry.  He put chances 75/25 of the Cavs acquiring Amare on Sunday and rationalized those odds by stating we have a deal offerred of Hickson and Z;  from all other accounts the Cavs put this offer in fron tof Phoenix and aren't holding back, contradicting the above claim that there are serious concerns about chemistry regarding an Amare trade.  If chemistry is the real issue why leak this trade through Windhorst, when you know full well elaked info about players getting traded will affect team chemistry if no deal is in place.  Bottom line, the Cavs are going to pull the trigger if the other team accepts the offer in conjunction with the Wizards or Phx suns, and aren't holding back on their offers.    With Troy Murphy, they are more heistant to give up Hickson and would prefer to send Wally's Szczerbiaks contract with Z being bought out.  I strongly doubt the Cavs are too worried about adding a 5-time all-star for a 21 year old who is at the bottom of the league in efficiency.  All the chemistry issues being mentioned are by idiot callers into WKNR AM 850

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Posted on: February 16, 2010 7:51 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

his work ethic, at least on the court, is non existent and i would imagine he broke his arm since he had no idea what he was doing since it had been so long since he was in a weight room.   he was praised for his work over the summer since he hadn't done any since he got to the team and was in danger or being bumped down in the rotation by the Gibson, who plays the exact same game but with more intensity and a brain.  so if you call working hard in a contract year (he can be dropped with no cap hit at the end of the year) a hard working player, well then I guess we have to agree to disagree....
watch a bulls game and key in on thomas.  sure, he will swat a ball or two into the 10th row and get a tip dunk.  but you will also see a guy who cannot set a screen and has no idea how to roll off of one, plays little or no d outside of weak side swats, and is in love with an 18ft j that he hits at less than a 40% clip.  he's horrible and the only reason he was drafted so high was due to his freakish athleticism and his great tourney run in college.  a great prospect who has failed to realize most of his great natural talent.  thats the worst kind of player that i can think of.  

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Posted on: February 16, 2010 6:31 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)



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Posted on: February 16, 2010 5:52 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Actually, Tyrus' work ethic is quite strong.  He wa spraised by the coaching staff for the work he put in over the summer and is one of the regulars in the weight room (remember he broke his arm while training).  I agree with the childish act but you can't say he doesn't work hard.

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Posted on: February 16, 2010 4:03 pm

Trade Deadline Buzz (UPDATE)

Do you have math problems and mental problems.You should do some research before you post stupid comments.

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