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Arenas verdict in; Stern next

Posted on: January 15, 2010 9:37 pm
Although Gilbert Arenas’ guilty plea Friday to a felony gun possession charge cleared the way for NBA Commissioner David Stern to impose his punishment, the three-time All-Star probably will have to wait a little longer to learn his fate.

It’s impractical for the league to wait until Arenas’ March 26 sentencing to define the length of his suspension. Sources indicated Friday that a sanction would likely come down from Stern in the next week or so, pending the completion of a probe by the NBA security department.

Two people familiar with the situation said there were indications that Arenas already had spoken with league investigators or would soon meet with them to detail the Dec. 21 firearms incident that resulted in Friday’s plea deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. Arenas’ attorney, Ken Wainstein, could not be reached for comment.

League executives and attorneys familiar with the process predict a minimum 20-game ban for Arenas, with the possibility that Stern could suspend him for the rest of the season. Arenas, suspended indefinitely by Stern on Jan. 6 for violating the league’s ban on firearms on team property and for his subsequent conduct, will have missed five games by the end of the weekend. If Stern has not rendered his decision by Feb. 2, when Arenas will have missed 13 games on indefinite suspension, the sanction would qualify for an appeal to be heard by a grievance arbitrator under provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.

The Wizards, who have already expunged Arenas’ image from all corners of Verizon Center, further distanced themselves from their former centerpiece with a chilling news release after Arenas’ plea Friday.

“Gilbert Arenas has been a cornerstone of the Washington Wizards for six years,” the team said. “We are deeply saddened and disappointed in his actions that have led to the events of this afternoon. Gilbert used extremely poor judgment and is ultimately responsible for his own actions.”


Stern has the latitude under Article 35(d) of the NBA Constitution to fine Arenas up to $50,000 and suspend him for any length of time. The NBA Players Association will appeal the suspension as a matter of procedure, but sources have told that any attempt by the Wizards to void Arenas’ contract would be “contested vigorously.”

According to a person who has read the letter Stern sent to Arenas on Jan. 6, the commissioner left open the possibility of further discipline by the team. Stern referred to his decision to indefinitely suspend Arenas as being “without regard” to any action the team might take. But proving that Arenas’ actions amounted to a violation of the “moral turpitude” clause of the Uniform Player Contract will be problematic, according to attorneys familiar with the CBA and its likely interpretation by a grievance arbitrator. Aside from that, the CBA stipulates that players cannot be punished by the league and their team for the same violation, except under “egregious” circumstances.

Arenas, 28, stands to lose $8,390,441 of his $16.2 million salary if he’s suspended for the rest of the season; he makes $147,200 per game, or 1/110th of his salary. In addition, there were unconfirmed reports Friday that his shoe sponsor, adidas, had decided to void his contract with them.

If the Wizards are unable to successfully void Arenas’ contract or trade him – a virtual impossibility if he serves jail time or loses the rest of this season to suspension – the only other resolution would be a buyout. One rival executive predicted that Arenas, who feels scorned and isolated by Wizards’ management, would be willing to accept substantially less than the $80 million he’s owed over the next four seasons for the chance at a fresh start elsewhere.
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Posted on: January 17, 2010 11:09 pm

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

If your stupid enough to not register your guns and stupid enough to bring them in the locker room, then you shouldn't get any pay from anybody.  Athletes get to many chances.  And the ones that should get another chance never do.

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Posted on: January 17, 2010 4:21 pm

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

Jumping in on the ghetto/ bigot comments. It is unfair to brush everryone with the same brush. Some NBA players are from modest/ poor backgrounds, some are not. Some NBA players brought up in poverty are model citizens. Some bring the whole "ghetto/ everyone is against me" attitude and behaviour with them.

Once you have made your first 10 million, you can and should give it up. You can afford bodyguards if you need them. Remember your roots but once you hit the big time, there is no excuse to still live them.

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Posted on: January 17, 2010 12:36 pm

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

It's easy blowe007 to call someone a biggot, or whatever and be PC. But I challenge you to dispute anything redwings1969 said. What he said is factually true, most NBA players do come from poverty - the ghetto. And I think it's a reasonable stattement to say they "act the same way they did before making it rich

Well sman, it is easy to call someone a biggot yes particularly when what they write and how they choose to write it warrents the abuse. Not all NBA players were brought up in the ghetto, infact there are several International players int he NBA no days that came form wealthy homes, not to mention Kobe Bryant who was a silver spoon feed rich kid who spent time in italy as his father played pro ball. HE had an affair and rape charges nullifing your the theory of all this trouble comes from the NBA stars from the "Ghetto".

 There are more success stories of NBA players making it out of their rough envirnment and making something of themselves then there are about the ones that are causing problems. I don't think it is a "reasonable statement" to select an entire brand of sport and state somethng so judgemental, and socially irresponsible, and in turn call it fact.

 Have you ever heard of Dikembe Mutombo? If not you are missing a great story. He was born in Kinshasa, Ziare. You want to talk "Ghetto" Ziare Africa is going to take the top spot compared to anything you might see in an inner city. Mutombo speaks 6 languages and several African dialects and was honored as a global embassador by teh US Government. He attended Goergetown University and was the 4th selected NBA player in the 1992 Draft. Mutombo has spent millions of his own dollars building a public hospital in his native Ziare in order to help his people and his country. The amount of work he has done in the US is remarkable as well. How about Shane Battier, he was a prep school star at Detroit Country Day, his parents were very successful people Dr.s if I am not mistaken, then there is Grant HIll, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Blake Griffen, Dwight Howard, Michael Jordan, in fact the nmajority of NBA players came from middle class FACT!!! I can name several hundred other players who aren't from the "ghetto" (as you and redwing1969 like to use this term) that are upstanding leaders in there communities if you would like me too, but I would feel by now you got the point.

 Don't let the actions of a select few players in the course of 10 years allow you to judge an entire organization, you only show yourself to be a drone to the media.

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Posted on: January 17, 2010 12:11 pm

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

Whatever the case may be, whether West had 3 guns or Gilbert had 3 guns is not the point.  Why did Gilbert pretty much get sentenced already and West is playing like nothing he did is wrong.  This happened in the same state, so both rules apply.  I know Gilbert had the guns in the arena, but what is Stern waiting for w/ West.  Let me guess, after the season so it really doesn't effect anyone.

Very good post Showstopper! I agree with you.What exactly is Stern waiting on. It is my theory that Stern and the NBA front office is so hard up for this Lakers Vs. Cavs finals to happen that Delonte West's association to the Cavs organization most noteably LeBron James is what is keeping him off the hot seat. His episode is being blamed on Bi-Polar disorder for the weapons charges etc. however I see alot of folks in here or only remembering the weapons charge from the summer, and are forgetting about Delontes domestic assulat charges that were filed agaist him by his wife / gf.

 So essentially we have a one guy on a bad team with no playoff hopes in site who had unloaded guns but isn't bi-polar getting waxed out of millions of dollars and being treated like a hermit by his team, and the NBA not to mention serving a suspension with no timeline. Then we have a guy who was busted speeding with loaded firearms in Washington D.C. (same gun laws apply) no licenses for the weapons, who is mentally ill and also had recently been accused of domestic abuse who is playing with full pay on a winning team that Stern's NBA brand makes a fortune off of.

 David Stern is a quack and should be relieved of his NBA commissioner duties. I am not advocating that Arenas shouldn't be punished for his actions because frankly he should and it should be somewhat servere. However you can't just single one player out when you have other players that have done worse and are getting away with it. Also does anyone think that the unloaded firearms are worse than choking a coach or going into the stands to fight with fans? Arenas should get what is coming to him by the law and a 15-20 game suspension without pay and that is it. Stern is not the public law nor is he the court of public opinon, thus it is not his duty to implement vigilanti laws merritted solely on his personal politics against one player who upstaged him at his on game.

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Posted on: January 17, 2010 12:02 pm
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Posted on: January 17, 2010 11:50 am

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

"Most come from the ghetto and aside from having money still do the same things and act the same way as they did before hitting it rich."

This post above was writen by redwings1969

Wow you sir are a biggot, it is easy to see why your handle is "redwing1969" enjoy the mullet olympics of the NHL and stay out of NBA chat rooms that you have no reason to be in.

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Posted on: January 17, 2010 8:00 am

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

ooops this response to redwings.

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Posted on: January 17, 2010 7:56 am

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

I agree with everything you say. I did not predict what will happen, I am just saying what I believe would be fair. With next year and this off the books, it brings a reasonable buyout down to maybe 20- 25 million dollars. If he gets a 20 game suspension, Washington will have 80 million minus a bit as a buyout number so maybe they have to pay 50 million.

It is possible that Gilbert will quickly agree to a buyout just to get this done, but he will likely accept less if it is obvious the league and the Wizards will be taking a strong stand. If it looks like a messy fight between union and league it will motivate Gilbert to do the right thing.  Part of the agreement could be that the Wizard not suspend for a year- they buy him out and everyone moves on.

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Posted on: January 17, 2010 1:41 am

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

Whatever the case may be, whether West had 3 guns or Gilbert had 3 guns is not the point.  Why did Gilbert pretty much get sentenced already and West is playing like nothing he did is wrong.  This happened in the same state, so both rules apply.  I know Gilbert had the guns in the arena, but what is Stern waiting for w/ West.  Let me guess, after the season so it really doesn't effect anyone.   

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Posted on: January 17, 2010 1:35 am

Arenas verdict in; Stern next

"You have to ask yourself a few questions.  How many NBA players have been suspended for half of one season and then the entire season after that? How many professional athletes have suffered the above fate?  If you find examples that have, tell me how many of them didn't physically hurt anybody or themselves?"

Problem is, there is not precendent that I am aware of -- I can think of no other player that brought 4 guns into the locker room and threatend (even if jokingly) to shoot his teammate.  In addition, the possession of the 4 guns were felonies in the jurisdiction he was in---he is incredibly lucky that the prosecuting attorney agreed to file only 1 charge and give hime such a good sentencing recommendation (although the judge can reject the recommendation and sentence Arenas to the max 5 years if he wants to -- unlikely but possible).  That said, I don't think it will be a 2 year of this season is almost a certainty.  The rest will likely depend on when Arenas goes to jail and gets out.  I could definitely see the suspension continuing for some period of time after Arenas gets out --sort of like Michael Vick in the NFL.

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