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Posted on: December 8, 2009 5:10 pm
Is Greg Oden a bust? Too early to say, but we throw it into the post and examine all the issues surrounding the 7-footer's latest season-ending knee injury in the Weekly Post-Ups:

* First, the here and now: The Blazers, according to league sources, are diligently weighing their options to acquire a stop-gap big man to replace Oden, who had surgery last week to repair a fractured left kneecap. The problem is, the list of capable replacements who won't be a drag on future payroll is exceedingly short. GM Kevin Pritchard said Monday he's in no hurry to pull the trigger, and that he'll wait until the team's four-game road trip concludes before deciding whether a move is necessary. As for Oden's future as a franchise center, it's seriously in doubt. Nobody is saying Oden did anything wrong, or that any of this is his fault. But there is no way to sugarcoat two season-ending injuries in three years. I agree with's Ian Thomsen that it's time to lower expectations when it comes to Oden someday performing like the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Will the Blazers make the playoffs this season without him? Of course; they made the postseason last year with minimal contributions from Oden. Do NBA franchises overcome the human frailty, bad luck, and other uncontrollable factors that sometimes cause No. 1 picks to flop? Yes, but it takes years. Just ask the Blazers, who can point to their past experiences with Bill Walton and Sam Bowie.

* Already hampered by injuries to Oden, Travis Outlaw (foot), Nicolas Batum (shoulder), and even coach Nate McMillan (Achilles' tendon), the Blazers got word Tuesday that Rudy Fernandez needs a surgical procedure to alleviate nerve pressure that's causing leg pain.

* Discussions between the Knicks and Bulls about a potential trade involving Tyrus Thomas are expected to be revived with pieces other than Al Harrington going to Chicago, according to a person familiar with the situation. Nate Robinson would seem to be the perfect fit for such a transaction. He'd give the Bulls some scoring punch off the bench, and essentially would be a rental. If Chicago decided Robinson's antics were not a good long-term fit, they could simply let him become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. Robinson isn't serving a purpose for anybody by sitting on the Knicks' bench, where he has languished for four games while the Knicks have gone 3-1.

* As for Thomas, the Bulls had a chance to sign him to an extension by Oct. 31, but took a pass, putting Thomas in position to become a restricted free agent this summer. The $13 million cap hold associated with Thomas' impending free agency makes him difficult, but not impossible, to trade. The person familiar with Thomas' situation said he expects the 23-year-old forward to be dealt before the February trade deadline, and more likely sooner. Several Western Conference teams -- including Phoenix, where Thomas could be viewed as an eventual replacement for Amar'e Stoudemire -- are believed to be interested.

* Allen Iverson's return to Philadelphia seemed to give an immediate boost to maligned center Samuel Dalembert, who had eight points, 15 rebounds, and six blocks in A.I.'s debut Monday night. Of far more importance is whether Iverson can create enough space for the struggling Elton Brand, whose $51 million due over the next three seasons has, to this point, made him virtually untradeable.

* I am a fan of both LeBron James and Joakim Noah, but I'm an even bigger fan of Noah calling out LeBron for his dance routine Friday night. I am not a fan of college basketball, but I know enough to understand that Noah was a serial trash-talker at Florida. I've also seen enough of LeBron's histrionics -- not just his dance moves, but his pre-game preening with teammates -- to know that he should be above that. Obviously, he didn't like it when someone called him on it. Too bad.

* Speaking of LeBron, has anyone been tracking whether or not he's violated his self-imposed gag order on 2010 talk yet? I haven't heard a peep, and I have to say the NBA is a better place for it.

* Speaking of 2010 talk: Please, no more stories about which impending 2010 free agent would like to play with another impending 2010 free agent. No more tweets about it, either.

* What would the Weekly Post-Ups be without mentioning Tim Donaghy? Through my own research, and the research of others, not much of what Donaghy has been saying during his current media tour is accompanied by evidence. (The site Sports Radio Interviews has the latest from Donaghy's radio tour Tuesday.) Here are questions that I would like to ask Donaghy and the FBI agents who investigated his gambling: Exactly how many of the 100 games he says he wagered on did he officiate? And what was his winning percentage in those games compared to those he didn't work? If there's a statistically significant difference, that would be the best evidence yet that Donaghy altered calls to influence the outcome. Here's something else that must be asked: Was Donaghy betting simply on the outcome of the games, against the spread, or on the over-under? Sports gambling experts believe that a basketball referee would have an easier time influencing the number of points scored in a game than which team wins or covers.

* Just when you thought we'd reached the saturation point for reality TV shows comes word that the soon-to-be ex-wife of Shaquille O'Neal, Shaunie O'Neal, will produce and star in a new VH1 series titled, "Basketball Wives." The show is scheduled to begin airing on March 15. "Basketball Referee Wives" can't be far behind, followed in due course by, "Basketball Writer Wives/Husbands."

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Posted on: December 10, 2009 12:23 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

How can you be an NBA fan but not a fan of college basketball?? I don't understand people.

Since: Apr 1, 2009
Posted on: December 9, 2009 5:27 pm

Weekly Post-Ups


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Posted on: December 9, 2009 5:10 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

LeBron sure does talk a bunch for someone who has never one a ring.   Good for Noah calling him out.   He has no respect for the city that has backed him without a championship.   You would never hear Jordan talking about what town he would like to play in while getting paid by the Bulls.   LeBron is a great player, but has yet to prove he has any ability to lead........

Since: Dec 9, 2009
Posted on: December 9, 2009 3:37 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

"if Kobe were to be dancing on the sidelines wed never hear the end of it"

Do some of you people even think before you start typing?

Here's video of Kobe dancing on the sidelines for ya:

And well lets all just be honest. Noah was just jealous of LeBron's moves:

Since: Apr 1, 2009
Posted on: December 9, 2009 2:55 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

I personally loved it when Noah called out James in that game, I mean was he wrong?!! Hell no! Lebron James is growing to be one of the biggest douchebags the NBA has to offer, and it was histerical for him to later say after the game when asked about the confrontation, that "were grown men out there", haha wow, really?! Why dont you act like one, and stop playing the double standard. Its just funny cause we all know if Kobe were to be dancing on the sidelines wed never hear the end of it, Lebron gets a free pass as usual. All I gotta say its a good year when this guy doesnt win sh*t. Looks like hes on his way.

Since: Oct 15, 2006
Posted on: December 9, 2009 9:53 am

Weekly Post-Ups

Basketball is a fun game, and am glad to see Lebron having fun out there. I dont think he would be as great of player without his ability to have fun with his teammates. Its a part of his personality and that also translate to his play on the floor with the extreme confidence he has in his teammates.

Having said all that it doesnt excuse Lebron from shaking hands in the playoffs, that is childish.

Since: Aug 16, 2006
Posted on: December 9, 2009 2:06 am

Weekly Post-Ups

All the more reason the rip James. He only does it when he's sure of the outcome??? What lameness!!!

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Posted on: December 9, 2009 1:38 am

Weekly Post-Ups

Said perfectly but have you notice he doesn't do that against kobe or duncan only against sub par teams.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 8:52 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

Is Greg Oden is bust?  Sure, for the early part of his career.  Does that mean he won't have a productive career in the NBA?  No, of course not.

If you look at it logically, compared to previous successful overall #1's (as well as others like Kevin Durant), Oden has not been worth his draft status or subsequent contract.

What really annoys me about LeBron is that he acted like such a gigantic baby during the playoffs last year, and then gave a BS explanation for not shaking hands with Orlando.  Now he's dancing whenever he wins, and I'm smelling some gigantic hypocrisy.  I guess he thinks that since he's got ESPN and Nike in his back pocket that he can do whatever he pleases without criticism.  Well, not all of us drank the Kool-Aid.  He needs to chill out, learn some humility, and stop with the childish nonsense.

Perhaps if he would have gone to college, or to a high school that had a tough no-nonsense coach, he would have learned sportsmanship.  That may be the only thing he's lacking at this point, but it's huge.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 5:51 pm

Weekly Post-Ups

The immaturity of Lebron James never ceases to amaze me. Noah called him out for acting like a primadonna. First, Noah is right. Lebron needs to shut the hell up and play ball. And two, Lebron, go say something when you run down the sidlines. To say something in the middle of your free throws because your 6 year old personality couldn't take it proves what a child you are. Lebron needs to shut the hell up.* Speaking of 2010 talk: Please, no more stories about which impending 2010 free agent would like to play with another impending 2010 free agent. No more tweets about it, either.How bout one involing a 2010 free agent telling reporters who he most wants to play with next? DWADE + Dwight Howard for the win, but if Carter gets us a ring, I can't say I want DWADE instead.

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