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Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

Posted on: August 4, 2009 10:17 pm
NEW YORK -- Celtics managing partner Wyc Grousbeck didn't want to talk about the collecting bargaining negotiations he participated in Tuesday. But he had no problem anointing the Celtics as the "hands down" favorites in the Eastern Conference next season.

"I think we should be the favorites in the conference, hands down," Grousbeck said after emerging from a 3 1-2 hour bargaining session between the NBA owners and the players' union. "And we’re going to start proving that Oct. 27."

That's when the Celtics open the 2009-10 season against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. But it'll be a very different Celtics team than the one that couldn't get past Orlando in the conference semifinals. For one, Kevin Garnett will be recovered from the knee injury that caused him to miss the entire playoffs. "Just fine," Grousbeck said, when asked how KG's recovery was going.

Also, Grousbeck raved about the Celtics' big offseason acquisition -- the talented, enigmatic, and combustible Rasheed Wallace.

"I personally recruited him with five others guys," Grousbeck said. "My guys lobbied us for the signing because the players who’ve played the game for 10 years at a high level, they know who can help them and what they can do. They know the score. Rasheed was everybody’s first choice: ownership, general manager, and players. We all wanted to have him as a first choice, and we got him."

Grousbeck said he questioned Wallace about his status as the NBA's undisputed king of technical fouls and menace to officials during his 14-year career and was satisfied with 'Sheed's answers. 

"He’s a feisty competitor, obviously," Grousbeck said. "We talked about that in the interview and the recruiting session. He said he means it always to try to help the team. He and his former teammates and coaches that you talk to when you do research on him, they love him as a player. Coaches love him, players love to play with him. The refs have mixed feelings, but that’s what refs are for."

Asked if he was prepared for all things Rasheed, Grousbeck said, "I actually told David (Stern) that I was going to modify my baseline ref assistance program a little bit to make up for the fact that we’ve got Rasheed. So I’m going to be doing a little less helping of the refs from the baseline. Just trying to even things out."

As for restricted free agent Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Grousbeck said the Celtics have had "a lot of conversations with him" and added, "We expect to see him in green. But things play out and you never know."

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Posted on: September 6, 2009 1:16 pm

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

Fair enough.  I retract the moron addition to your posted name.  Undertand the word moron to me is comical and I do not and have never used it in its defined use.  It makes me think of Marvin the Martian or something.  My friends and I call each other that all the time and it usually brings laughter.  I forget that on postings folks can't see or hear my tone of voice (laughing/joking) or worse, they have no sense of humor and very thin skins. 

If moron offends you please accept my apology.  I still thinking lumping Pistons anywhere NEAR Celtics, Cavs or Magic is moronic.  Not the person but the idea.

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Posted on: August 8, 2009 1:21 am

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

first of all, readyforfoosball, there's no need for name-calling. It actually hurts your credibility more than hurt it. Let me rephrase what I meant. Statiscally, I agree with you, Villanueva is not a HUGE upgrade over Rasheed. But Rasheed was, like AI, a huge threat in the clubhouse and the last thing this team needed was any more players with huge egos. That's why Chauncey fit so well into the system. Villanueva is much more mellow than Rasheed. I think, and I believe that you would agree with me, Villanueva has much more upside at this point in his career than Rasheed does, and as much upside as ANY forward on the market, outside of perhaps Millsap. They are, after all, a rebuilding team. Secondly, when I said trade for Boozer, I was quite aware that he was more of a forward than a center. However, one could argue that Villanueva could try a move to the center position, seeing that he is 6'11''. That is just speculation. They most likely will not trade Hamilton now that they have signed their draft picks, in addition to (rumor mill), Ben Wallace, who Dumars seems to believe can have somewhat of a career revival(i said Dumars thinks that, I am not sure if I agree). Looking at it now, I think its alright that they did not trade Rip Hamilton, as him and Gordon are kinda polar opposites of each other which makes the Pistons less predictable. I am not saying that the Pistons are gonna straight up win the championship, or even make it there, considering they have an almost entirely new starting lineup and yet another new head coach, but at the same time, I believe that the future is bright in Motown, at least Piston-wise if not economically.

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Posted on: August 7, 2009 1:37 am

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 5:14 pm

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

This year will be one of the hardest year to take that top spot. I see three teams with a very good shot, and a couple that could mess things up along the way for those teams. The BIG three are the Cavs, the C's and the Magic. And i see it ending that way with CLE at the number one spot then BOS and then ORL. However if Detriot plays better as a team with their new additions they might mess things up for the Cavs, who will play them often. Another note, i think KG and Rasheed are falling out of their primes and will not be as good as people think. The only reason that Orlando cant be number one is because they lost their key guy behind Superman in Hedo. If they were able to keep him they would have taken it all this year. No matter what happens look for these three teams to battle all year and deep into the playoffs.

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 2:07 pm

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

FEDOR shud have sign in the UFC, not with strikeforce!

Fedor shud fight brock

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Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

im a clevelang fan! a big fan!
PG - Williams
SG - Gordon
SF - Lebron
PF - Sheed
C - SHaq

this couldve been the best starting five in the NBA

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 9:04 am

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

I'am not even close to being ready to conseed the eastern conference to the Celts.CLEVELAND has a roster that can give the Celts a run for their money and Orlando will now be playoff tested.

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 12:02 am

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

Although I am a Cavs fan I agree with you 100%. The article lacks any true substance other than hearing an owner saying his team should be considered the best. It really was a meaningless and stupid article.

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Posted on: August 5, 2009 7:12 pm

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

Agreed.  This would only be news if he said somebody else was the favorite in his conference or if another owner in the eastern conference said that about the Celtics, but not their own owner.  This is the Celtics last real chance at a championship I feel before it is time to start rebuilding. Lets Go Celts!!!

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Posted on: August 5, 2009 6:41 pm

Wyc: Celts 'hands down' favorites in East

I disagree with the Odom comment.  Only two teams showed Interest the Lakers and Miami.  Odom was going no where and does not fit in with Boston's Schemes on D. Sheed was their first and only choice which is why they pusuid him so aggressively.  Six people showed up at his house and that stopped him from hearing other offers and going with HIS original first choice the Spurs.  They needed a Back up Center/powerforward.  That is Sheed.  Perkins is the starter. Period. The bench once Daniels is signed and Baby returns will be significantly better, plus the bench was over used last year due to injury.  If House, Big Baby, Daniels, Sheed, with a Giddens, Scal, or Walker off the BENCH PLAYING BENCH MINUTES, this bench is scary good. Never mind if Marbury comes back to be a bench player with training camp under his belt for play sets and conditioning. It should allow rest to the big three and make for a great season. As far as injuries go that is the same for any team including the Lakers. God forbid Kobe tears an ACL or Artest or Gasol go out. I will not go out and say 18 baby, but it should not shock anyone if it comes to fruition.  

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