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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

Posted on: July 8, 2009 11:32 pm
Edited on: July 9, 2009 8:13 am

UPDATES THROUGHOUT with further details:

Shawn Marion is headed from Toronto to Dallas in a complicated, four-team sign-and-trade that also sends Jerry Stackhouse temporarily to Memphis and delivers a sizeable trade exception to Orlando, pending league approval on Thursday, four sources confirmed to

The blockbuster trade, designed to give Dallas an athletic transition player and 3-point shooter while also clearing cap space for the Raptors to consummate the Hedo Turkoglu acquisition, took on several forms and was still evolving early Thursday -- although the essentials have been agreed upon.

Marion gets a five-year deal believed to be in the $35-$40 million range, according to one source, and is traded to Dallas. The Mavericks send Jerry Stackhouse and his $7 million contract to Memphis, which agreed to facilitate the deal because it can buy out Stackhouse for the $2 million that is guaranteed by Aug. 10 and not be on the hook for the rest. The Mavericks, a second source confirmed, would provide the funds for the Grizzlies' buyout. Toronto is expected to receive draft-pick considerations and/or cash in the deal. In some form, one of the sources said, "It should be done Thursday."

A third source said Dallas gets Kris Humphries from Toronto and sends Antoine Wright and Devean George to the Raptors.

UPDATE: In one of the truly random delights of NBA trades, Orlando receives a sizeable trade exception as the fourth team involved in the trade, according to two of the sources with direct knowledge of the deal. Thus, the Magic send Turkoglu to the Raptors in a sign-and-trade as opposed to Turkoglu signing straight up with Toronto. Those two sources said Turkoglu does not get a sixth year in his deal, which Orlando could have given him as part of the sign-and-trade. reported Monday night that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Marion's agent, Dan Fegan, were pushing for a trade to Dallas. Toronto's inability to take back salary due to its verbal commitment with Turkoglu for five years and $53 million didn't bode well -- unless at least one other team was recruited to facilitate the deal. That happened Wednesday, one of the sources confirmed, when Memphis and then Orlando agreed to get involved. If the Raptors hadn't found a trading partner -- they had discussions with Cleveland about Anthony Parker, who agreed to a contract parameters Wednesday with the Cavs, but not Marion -- then GM Bryan Colangelo simply would've renounced Marion's rights in order to clear space for Turkoglu.

One NBA front office source expressed doubt Wednesday whether any team would be willing to give up a prized draft pick and cash in this environment to facilitate such a deal. Perhaps that person underestimated Cuban, who has once again moved aggressively in his pursuit of a veteran player in hopes of getting the aging Mavericks closer to a championship.

Marion, 31, joins the over-30 club with Dirk Nowitzki (31), Jason Terry (31), and Jason Kidd (36), who was retained with a three-year. $25 million deal this week. Cuban also signed restricted free agent Marcin Gortat to an offer sheet that Orlando is not expected to match.


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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

That was a suggestion by the previous emailer. His Mavs starting line up had Hamilton instead of Howard. The Mavs also cannot get rid of Howard this year because he is too valueable next year as he will have an expiring contract. Add his along with Dampiers who is also expiring and the Mavs could be HUGE players in the MONSTER off season next yr with Lebron, Wade, Bosh...and more!

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

How did they give up Howard, exactly?

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

Why does this make the Mavs any better? You gave away a 29 yr old for a 31 yr old? Howard for Hamilton? No thank you!

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

Well, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas all wanted to sign Gortat.  It is not often that San Antonio, Houston and Dallas are ALL wrong when it comes to evaluating talent.  Something tells me their scouts know a wee bit more about basketball than you or I.  When that many good teams are after a player, odds are he is "legitimate".Or maybe he's just about the only big man on the market, in the same way Jerome James had teams vying for his services.  It seems like there have been a ton of big men signed to overpriced contracts based on a month or two of decent play in recent years, and on the surface Gortat looks like he'll fit right in.  Dampier is making more than $11M this year after teams fought over him based on a single year of double digit rebounds with Golden State.  Etan Thomas came re-signed with the Wizards for more than $6M per year after getting an offer sheet in free agency.  Now his biggest value is "expiring contract".  Probably the best example is Jerome James though.  He was a 5 ppg scorer until he had one high-profile playoff run where he averaged 12 points in limited minutes.  He landed a contract worth $6M per year as a free agent as teams convinced themselves he could repeat his performance. 

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.  Gortat's lucky he got the exposure he did during the playoffs and that the market for 25 year old unproven big men included more buyers than there were goods to sell. 

To me, this is what matters:  Gortat has done nothing in the NBA.  He was a late 2nd round draft pick, so it looks like someone realized he was 7 feet tall.  Until he does something, or shows some promise of sudden, rapid development as a 25 year old, he looks to me like just another placeholder center.  If the Thunder were still in Seattle I'm sure they'd have offered him $10M per - the Sonics seemed to love the Johan Petros, Robert Swifts, and Marcin Gortats of the world.

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

Not the only 1 my friend...there is alot of buzz in Memphis & a playoff run is coming
That buzz is from the crack you guys have been consuming. Memphis is 3 yrs away from the playoffs at the earliest!

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

On the surface, it looks like Dallas is getting the better of the deal...Toronto is giving up a solid all-around player and getting Turkoglu, whom I would throw into tje over-rated circle, and a couple backups.

But now Dallas has Kidd, Nowitzki, Marion and Terry running their team with only Josh Howard as a piece for the future, and how good will he really be outside of a supporting role.  Their cap space is strapped and draft picks, however few they get will be weak, because they are consistently "good enough".

I admire the all or nothing mentality in sports; if your not a serious contender for the ring/cup/trophy, then clean house, sacrifice a season or two and get there.  Teams like Dallas or the NY Mets or Philadelphia Eagles, always seem to be good, but can never reach the top.

Good karma Memphis, Decent move Torornto, Cuban move Dallas and way to participate Orlando.

Well, where to start with how wrong all of this is.  Howard and Dampier's contracts are both up next season which frees up over $20 million in cap space so I am not sur ehow exactly he is a "piece for the future".  Perhaps you are talking about his youth, though he is 29 so he's not exactly on the verge of reaching his peak as a player.

If you look at the Mavericks you should know, just like Cuban and Donnie know, that they have a 2-3 year window left to win a title.  Even though they can be big players in next years free agency there are no guaratnees that the majority of the heralded players won't resign with their current teams where they can sign for the most money - history shows that this will be the case the majority of the time.  So what would you have the Mavericks do?  If they don't resign Kidd they are scresh wed at the point guard position.  I would have preferred they go after Richard Jefferson but they couldn't match the cap relief that the Spurs offered for this upcoming season.  Signing Marion is an upgrade no matter how you look at it.  He isn't young but neither is any of the Mavericks corp.  They will be forced to rebuild on the fly in a few years, regardless of signing Marion or not.  At this point they might as well try to add talent and make a push to try to win a title while Dirk, Jet, Kidd & Marion have something left in the tank.

As for this comment -

Why do people act like Marcin Gortat is a legitimate NBA center?  Admit it, if you're not in Orlando you probably had never heard of the guy until Dwight Howard starting fouling on his way to the arena in the playoffs.  Still, he averaged 3 points and 3 rebounds in 11 minutes.  For that he's getting almost the same money Shawn Marion is.
Well, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas all wanted to sign Gortat.  It is not often that San Antonio, Houston and Dallas are ALL wrong when it comes to evaluating talent.  Something tells me their scouts know a wee bit more about basketball than you or I.  When that many good teams are after a player, odds are he is "legitimate".

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

sportsdvl, Marion is overrated?  No, he just gets a bad wrap cuz he has an ugly shot and doesn't "need his touches" to be happy. 

He gets a bad wrap because none of his coaches ever drew up plays with him in mind, yet he still finds a way to fill up the score column.  Marion is a great rebounder, can jump, and is usually the fastest player on the court.  Who else in the NBA has a skill set versatile enough to defend every player on the court?  Some guys are athletic enough, but not long enought to guard a center.  Some guys long enough for center, but not quick enough for guards.  Marion can guard them all, and for the most part, he can shut them down.

I miss having Marion in PHX.  He was a huge piece to our success for a long time.  Let me ask you this, did the Lakers ever get past the Suns before they dumped Marion?  Nope.  It's cuz Marion could guard anyone on your team, he got all of the loose balls, he was the finisher on fast breaks.  Marion does everything that nobody else wants to do, and he does it well. 

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

I've been getting all of my Mavs news from

I've known about the Marion trade for almost a week and a half now

they also listed the possibilities at SG

the chances of Fernandez moving greatly decreased when Turkoglu went to Toronto but he was mad and had threatened to go back to Spain if he wasnt traded when he thoght Turk was going to be coming to Portland.

other possibilites were Jason Richardson, Richard Hamilton (the Pistons got ben gordon and still want cap room) We would likely be giving them Dampier (10 million dollar expiring contract) and of course some other pieces somewhere

Damp will be traded by February for a talented 2 guard, to a team that is looking to clear up cap space. that's a promise

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

Where did you here that Hamilton could be coming to Dallas?

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Marion to Dallas (UPDATE)

In the games in which Gortat played at least 20 min he averaged over 9 pts and 9 rebs/game. There's some definite upside there.

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