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LeBron talks about playing with Wade

Posted on: March 22, 2009 6:20 pm

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Somebody is going to try to blame me for this, I just know it.

Having seen Dwyane Wade play in New Jersey Friday night, I of course made the trip across the bridges and tunnels to see his pal LeBron James Sunday. Rule No. 1: Never miss a LeBron appearance in the New York metropolitan area.

As LeBron spoke with the usual gaggle of reporters about an hour before the game, I asked what was intended to be an innocuous question about Wade, his close friend and growing personal rival. This was meant to be a notebook stuffer, something I could incorporate into a story I'm planning for later on.

I asked LeBron a couple of questions that were phrased pretty much the same as those I asked Wade Friday night. One of them focused on the fact that, as long as LeBron and Wade are in the same conference, their rivalry will grow because they'll play each other more often -- but it'll suffer because they'll never compete against each other for an NBA title. Which would he prefer?

His answer is going to be chalked up to another New York-based writer harassing poor LeBron into talking about free agency. But as you can tell from my question, that wasn't my intention at all. LeBron, who always manages to stoke the 2010 flames when he passes through these parts, dropped a juicy little tidbit in his response without any solicitation from me.

"I don’t know, it doesn't matter," LeBron said. "Whatever happens, we’ll go against each other. And you know, maybe we’ll go against each other in practice, I don’t know. That’d be fun, wouldn’t it?"

So LeBron continues to lead the league in not-quite-tampering. As for where LeBron and Wade might become teammates, LeBron wasn't saying. He was just having his usual fun with the media here, IMHO.

After the interview was over, one reporter asked him if his answer about Wade meant that South Beach has now made his list of top five cities.The Miami Heat, after all, will have plenty of cap room in 2010.

"I didn't say I was going to Miami," LeBron said as he walked to the trainer's room. "I didn't say he was coming here. Could be the Olympics."

It's always fun when LeBron comes to town, even before he touches the ball or does his chalk thing in the air. Just for the record, my question and his answer were coming from two different places.



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Posted on: March 30, 2009 11:52 pm

LeBron talks about playing with Wade


 I dont see Wade leaving Southbeach in 2010.  The Miami Heat have made some moves (Oneal) and continue to develop their young talent in Chalmers and Beasley.  They will have money to spend in 2010 to bring in more talent and they could move into a position they once held a few years ago during their championship run.  I see the Cavs going after a big man in 2010.  Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas and Kenyon Martin in Denver are a couple who could move.  Both have made runs in the past with their respective teams, but have never won it all.  In Cleveland they have that chance.  Yao is most likely going to stay in Houston, however Marcus Camby will move from LA to Cleveland no doubt about it.  He would add a big improvement to one of the best defenses in the league.  Stodamire in Phoenix was in rumors this year about a possible trade out of town.  His relationship problems with the management is no secret.  He would add another pick and roll option as well as a descent jumper and many trips to line per game.  Not to mention, one of the best defenders.  He is a solid option to play in the middle for Cleveland.  Chris Bosh must be mentioned out of Toronto.  He is beginning to hit his best years in the NBA.  The Raptors will do every thing they can to hold on to him as they continue to build young talent.  Dirk is the most versatile of the bunch with his ability to go inside and shoot from outside the arch.  I like Camby the best.  The defensive play he brings topped off with his being among the leaders in rebounds every year are needed in the center position.  The Cavs have a couple of years to make their decision and a lot to think about.  So far, Danny Ferry and the front office has done a great job to surround Lebron with consistent role players.  Brining in Mo Williams has made all the difference this season, evident by their francise best record.  The concern in the near future will be what to do with the current center in Cleveland.  He becomes a free agent this summer. He may not be able to get paid what he is making this year, but I think he is good for one more next year.  Who wouldn't want to come back and finish off your career with a repeat championship run.

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Posted on: March 25, 2009 5:57 pm
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LeBron talks about playing with Wade

While it's an exciting thought, and awesome for the lucky winning team, would make for some seriously 6 or 7 years of uninteresting and unfun basketball seasons.  The whole season would be about waiting around to watch your team get stomped by the super-power.


On the other hand....remember what happened when LA tried to be a super-power?  Yeah, that soooo didn't work out for them.



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Posted on: March 23, 2009 3:02 pm

LeBron talks about playing with Wade

Could anyone imagine good friends Lebron James and Dwayne Wade picking a team they want to play for in free agency in 2010?  Imagine them playing for a team with even another superstar that is all ready on it, examples are maybe the Magic or the Hornets, or even Dwayne Wade coming to the Cavs.  The don't need money, they have enough from endorsments, they should just pick a team where they both want to play and win championship after championship.  I mean why not? Other than the league hating them for it, theres no reason not too.  If Lebron and D-wade were on the same team that contained a superstar center, point guard or power forward as well there's the possibility of 6 or 7 championships for them.


So I urge Lebron or Dwade to talk to one another, pick their favorite team, and create the greatest team in NBA history, I mean why not?

I mean I guess it would suck for all the teams they didn't pick.

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LeBron talks about playing with Wade

GEE, go out on a limb dude. Don't be so creative picking Cleveland and Boston for the Earstern Conf. Championship.  And Berger, who is to say Wade would not come to Cleveland to play with Lebron.  I really think that would be bad for the NBA, because then Kobe would have to get someone to play with superstar status, although I really think Gasol makes them really strong, and Bynum and Odom even more so.

And nobody in their right mind believes you Berger, that you did not try to make a big deal about what Lebron said.  Truth is any of these guys can play you into opening your big yap!




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Posted on: March 22, 2009 7:08 pm

LeBron talks about playing with Wade

 lebron james' team has all the necessary pieces to get a championship ring if not this season maybe in two years time or so but for sure they have a team that can compete for a title.

as for dwayne wade's team, i think they are in a process of rebuilding their team ,on that note, the main man is dwayne wade like what is lebron james to cleveland cavaliers or what is michael jordan is to the bulls. miami heat has a long way to go before they can build that championship team. lebron james might have a ring before they can be a contender by then. so a miami versus cleveland eastern conference championship is a stretch this year.realistically i am leaning on a cleveland-boston tiff for the eastern conference.


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